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SPUN DYED POLYESTER The biggest environmental impact in the life cycle of clothes derives from the fibre processing and wet treatments. Normally, this requires huge amount of water, chemicals and energy. Spun dyed polyester is a way to add colour to polyester fabric in a much improved way. Instead of soaking fabric or yarn in water with dyestuffs, the colour pigment is added into the polymer melt. Thus, the color pigments become an imbedded part of the fiber prior to extrusion. Not only does this eliminates the need for a conventional wet dyeing process – saving approximately 60 % energy and water – it also result in excellent quality properties such as improved colour fastness. Garments made out of spun dyed polyester are available among our brands PROJOB, CUTTER&BUCK and PRINTER. A WIDE ASSORTMENT OF OEKO TEX Oeko Tex is the world’s most recognized and independent product label for all types of textiles tested for harmful substances. Garments with the Oeko Tex-label have been successfully tested for chemicals that pose a health risk, and therefore contribute to an effective consumer protection, taking into consideration both REACH and non-regulated substances. Within our brand CLIQUE, more than 80 % of the assortment is certified by Oeko Tex. You can also find Oeko Tex-certified work wear from PROJOB and JOBMAN. OUR AMAZING CHRYSTAL GLASS! Garments is just one example of materials that could decrease its environmental impact. Another important material is glass. Glass affects the environment in several ways and historically, many substances have been used that are harmful to the environment. Orrefors Kosta Boda has conducted active environmental work for a long time and has been world leading in its ambition to create crystal glass without lead and arsenic. This glass is sometimes referred to as “eco-crystal” - but in Kosta Glassworks it is simply the material we use for the entire glass manufacture in Kosta. Welcome to visit us and take part of a true craftsmanship that has been ongoing since the year 1742. SE 14-218 Swerea IVF NEW WAVE GROUP / CSR | 9 EXP 4.0 MERINO REWOOLUTION Wool is a fantastic material and more sustainable in itself than most other textile fibres. It is a 100 % biodegradable and renewable fibre, valued for its natural water- and soil repellence. Unfortunately, the processing of wool includes steps with negative environmental impact. The process of one ton of wool requires approximately 0,5 ton of chlorine, several other industrial chemicals and huge amounts of water. EXP 4.0 is a modern technology of wool that requires fewer chemicals and uses up to 50% less water than older treatments. EXP 4.0 is the first wool treatment that meets stringent requirements of eco-labels such as GOTS. Our brand SEGER obviously chose to knit its Sense and EveryDay socks in EXP 4.0 treated wool.