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IT STARTS WITH SUSTAINABLE PRODUCTS We have long experience with design and product development. This is always the first step towards sustainable products, regardless of wheter it concerns garments or famous crystal art. Over the past 30 years, the consumption of garments and textiles has almost doubled. With an increasing world population and a growing middle class, it is high time to address the issue with our fast consumption of resources. We must focus more on the longevity of products, especially considering the linear nature of the textile industry. Consumers can act more sustainable by prioritizing quality and optimizing the length of use. The impact of such changes could be large. For example, did you know that if an average garment could stay in use three times longer than today, its carbon footprint is reduced by 65% and the water use by 66%? These figures come from Mistra Future Fashion, a world leading research program on sustainable fashion where New Wave Group is an active partner. To ensure the quality of our products, New Wave Group has invested in in-house quality labs. We have professional equipment to perform a wide range of quality tests, such as colour fastness, pilling and dimensional changes during washing. Our products should meet the expectations of our customers, as well as our own high expectations. 6 |NEW WAVE GROUP / CSR THINGS TO CONSIDER FOR A MORE SUSTAINABLE CHOICE: • Invest in high quality products (to enable long life-span). • Follow care instructions. • Consider which transportation to use when purchasing the product. • Ask producers for more information about their sustainability work. Support brands you think are doing a good job. • Use garments as a statement for