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OUR VIEW ON SUSTAINABILITY The world is faced with several challenges in the light of sustainability. We must all take responsibility for our global impacts, so that we can meet the needs of today without jeopardizing the future. Do you want to be a part? We use the term CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) to describe our work with sustainability. CSR includes all three dimensions of sustainability; social, environmental and financial responsibility. The purpose of this folder is to inform customers, investors and other important stakeholders about our work and ambitions with CSR. We believe it is fundamental for a listed company to communicate how we aim to achieve sustainable growth. It gives us the opportunity to highlight our accomplishments so far – but also reflect on how we can improve. CSR is all about commitment and long-term thinking. The true impact depends on the actions we take on a daily basis. Therefore, we have identified three focus areas which we believe are the most important in order for New Wave Group to integrate sustainability with our core business. 4 |NEW WAVE GROUP / CSR OUR THREE FOCUS AREAS ARE: 1 Design and Product Development 2 Sourcing and Production 3 Transportation and Logistics The objective is to minimize any negative impact that could occur from our business and at the same time maximize the positive effects. We also want to help our customers make conscious purchasing decisions. Your decision matters for the world to succeed with the global sustainability goals. Each purchase is a vote with your wallet on which products and which companies that should be successful on the market, today and tomorrow! Our CSR-symbol demonstrates how social and environmental responsibility goes hand in hand. People and Planet!