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INDEX P/03 CSR HIGHLIGHTS ABOUT NEW WAVE GROUP New Wave Group is a growth company that designs, acquires and develops brands and products in the corporate promo, gifts and home furnishings sectors. New Wave Group was established in Sweden 1990 and has since gradually expanded in Europe, North America and Asia. New Wave Group’s organization is decentralized, with a high degree of independence and self-determination being delegated to company management, but with the advantages of belonging to a larger group. MEMBERSHIP IN FLA P/04 INTRODUCTION FAIR LABOUR ASSOCIATION P/06 DESIGN & PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT P/12 SOURCING & PRODUCTION C-TPAT INSPECTIONS P/18 TRANSPORTS & LOGISTICS VISIT OUR WEBPAGE 2 300 E M P LOY E E S W O R L D W I D E 2 |NEW WAVE GROUP / CSR