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TRANSPORT AND LOGISTICS FOR A SUSTAINABLE CLIMATE Two degrees celsius. That is the planet boundary for global warming. The temperature is rising faster than predicted and it is due to our emission of greenhouse gases. The transport sector therefore plays a vital part in the fight for our climate. For New Wave Group, transportation and logistics is a key question as we depend on a well-functioning distribution network. Hence, transportation and logistics must be effecient and sustainable to meet our requirements. Most of New Wave Group transportations consist of container shipments between Asia and Europe, resulting in an average shipment of 3 000 containers per year. For long-distance transportations, freights by air or by sea are usually the only available transport mode. Air freights have the highest emissions of greenhouse gases. Even though air freight accounted for less than 2 % of our transported goods between Asia and Europe during 2015, it generated approximately half of our total emissions of green-house gases, which clearly demonstrates the need for a Zero Vision and to keep air freights to an absolute minimum. We can all act more responsible by planning orders in time. We have two main strategies to decrease our environmental impact and to cut our emission of greenhouse gases. First of all, we strive to streamline our own logistics and operations. Within New Wave Group, we club together as much of our shipments and transports as possible. It reduces the environmental footprint as well as the financial cost for our company. Hence, we consider sustainable distribution as a natural part of our journey towards a more profitable company. New Wave Group strike to contribute to the UN’s 17 global sustainability goals. One goal is about fighting cl FR6vRUrtdRu$U55'