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Our glasswork in Kosta is Sweden’s oldest still operating glasswork. The furnaces have been lit since 1742. We welcome you to witness a genuine Swedish handcraft. All year round you could follow the production of ORREFORS and KOSTA BODA products; from the melting of the glass to the blowing, cutting and painting. In-house production has the benefit of direct influence, which gives us even better opportunities to work with sustainability. For example, the entire production chain in Kosta is ISO-certified for quality and environmental management. Waste heat from the glassworks is delivered to the community’s district heating network. In 2007 and 2008, we replaced heating oil with biofuel-based district heating, which resulted in a 1’700 ton reduction of CO2 emissions. Further, SEGER has during 2017 completely switched to energy from wind power in the production, which brings us one step closer to a green manufacturing plant in Sweden. The work to recycle and reduce waste is an on-going part of the daily environmental efforts. With leftovers of raw material, SEGER could produce 200 knitted caps which were donated to the City Mission of Stockholm – sustainability at its best. NEW WAVE GROUP / CSR | 17 IN-HOUSE PRODUCTION New Wave Group owns a few production units. In Sweden, our brand SEGER has its knitting factory in Röshult where the production has been based since the company was founded in 1947. In the Netherlands, TOPPOINT has a printing unit for pens and mugs and in Denmark, our subsidiary DAHETRA owns a facility for embroidery and transfer printing. A similar embroidery unit can be found in the U.S where we have our subsidiaries PARIS GLOVE and CUTTER & BUCK.