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CHEMICALS Our products must be safe and free from restricted chemicals. We have made this work a priority, both in efforts and resources. Knowledge is power. Most chemicals are present in our everyday-environment and part of a modern lifestyle. Not all chemicals are associated with danger. However, it is important with adequate knowledge to handle chemicals in a correct and safe manner. For this reason, New Wave Group is a member of the Swedish Chemicals Group, led by the testing institute Swerea IVF. We receive the most updated information on legislation and research on chemicals, which supports our active work to reduce and replace chemicals in line with best available technique. All New Wave Group-suppliers must follow the requirements stated in our Restricted Substance List (RSL). The list has been designed in accordance with legislations such as REACH (European Union) and other industry recommendations and standards. As a result, our requirements sometimes are stricter than the applicable legislation. The RSL is continuously updated, with assistance from our partner lab SGS and Eurofins. 10 |NEW WAVE GROUP / CSR We also ۙX\[[X[\H]\\]Z\[Y[\HZ[\XY[Y\Y˂HۙXX] Y\[[ZX[X\[BYX\[Y[^[HX\[\X›XYH]و\X܈\[ZXˈH\\ܝ\]\BX\[YHوHX[ZX[۝[ ][[\ܝ[܈\][[X][ۈوX\X[H[XZ[Z[H\[X]XܚY\[˜[ZX[˂H[ZX[ܛ\YY]ۈY[\\\\\H]\][\]YوPP[\[ZX[Y\][ۜ˂H[[Y]HXX[ˈ܈^[\HBZ^X[ Y[[ۙYۈYH [[ۜ]\]H\]H\][ۈوHX\Y[[\[[H\Y[\YYY܈YH^[H[Y\[ZX[[\XYX[\˂H[\]YH\YX][ۈ\[[H\YHH[Y]HوH\YX]