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An update on the re-validation of species in Tamil Nadu At the end of December 2016, we have reported 298 species as part of revalidation exercise. Subsequent to this, until June 2017, we have added 8 more species taking the numbers to 306. This means that 17 more species are yet to be revali- dated from the target list of 323. Naturalists, Butterfly enthusiasts and others are out in field regularly to map the remaining 17 species for the state and it is very well possible that some of them may not even occur and some new species may just expand to our area. Systematic and regular explora- tion and survey of not only plains but core area of Western Ghats and Eastern Ghats will really help! S. No Family Target Available 1 Papilionidae 19 19 2 Pieridae 32 31 3 Nymphalidae 96 90 4 Lycaenidae 91 86 5 Riodinidae 2 2 6 Hesperiidae 83 78 323 306 Total 95% The following table provides details of the 8 species sighted along with person who recorded it and date and place. The de- tails of some of them can be found in our official Facebook page while some of them have been sent to our society by email with validation details. S. No 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Species Name Broad-tail Royal Blue Nawab Tufted White Royal Maculate Lancer Small Palm Bob Palni Fritillary Five-bar Swordtail Lesser Albatross Person recorded Subhiksha Maxim Umesh Pavukandy Umesh Pavukandy Umesh Pavukandy Umesh Pavukandy Lekshmi Ravindran Nair Vasanthan Panchavarnam Theivaprakasham H and Nishanth CV Place Valparai Manjolai Manjolai Manjolai Manjolai Kodaikanal Top Slip ATR (Valparai) Date October 2016 2017 2017 2017 2017 April 2017 18.02.15 01.05.17 The following table provides the names of remaining 17 target species S. No Scientific Name Other Common Names (as per IFB website) Eurema nilgiriensis Amathusia phidippus Mycalesis igilia Common Name (as per BNHS Field guide) Nilgiri Grass Yellow Palmking Small Long-brand Bushbrown 1 2 3 4 Mycalesis visala Long-brand Bushbrown Long-branded Bushbrown 5 Lasippa viraja Yellow Jack Sailer 6 Neptis (soma) palnica Creamy Sailer 7 Doleschallia bisaltide Autumn Leaf 8 Anthene emolus Common Ciliate Blue 9 10 Tarucus indica Arhopala bazaloides Pointed Pierrot Tamil Oakblue Indian Pierrot Dusted Oakblue 11 Arhopala abseus Aberrant Bushblue Aberrant Oakblue 12 Tajuria maculata Spotted Royal Spotted Royal 13 Hasora badra Common Awl 14 Thoressa sitala Sitala Ace 15 Zographetus ogygia Purple Spot ted Flitter 16 Hyarotis microstictum/ Hyarotis coorga Caltoris canaraica Brush Flitter Kodagu Brush Flitter Kanara Swift Karwar Swift 17 Sahyadri Long-branded Bushbrown Palni Sailer Nilgiri Plain Ace