Pattampoochi - Butterfly Magazine Pattampoochi - Wings 1 Veins 3 2017 - Page 22

Butterflies of Sathyamangalam Tiger Reserve That evening, when starting for our evening walk, we came across a group of volunteers from WWF who work on tiger popu- lation studies. When asked if we would like to join them for a ride to Thengumarahada and back, we jumped at this unex- pected opportunity and said we'd love to. But that experience could it-self be the subject of another report! with the excep- tion of spotting a 12 feet Indian Rock Python. The next day, we had to cover Moolapatti. The raptor numbers were meager, though the habitat seemed like a haven for raptors. The butterfly activity was high, dominated by the pansies, tips, crows and limes and the occasional grass blues and grass jewels. We returned back to our camp after the morning session with the Thengumarahada campers, bid farewell to our APW and left for Sathy, all the while recounting our experiences to each other. Back on the bumpy track, somebody shouted "Painted Sand grouse!!!!" and it was decidedly more beautiful than the Chestnut- Bellied Sand grouse. Contented with that single lifer وH\ HZYYHYHH[\HY[HB\[\\ وXHYXYHX[HۙيH][YH\ZXH܈HۙY[ZKH[\H\\[]]H\و[]\Z\]H\XH[\[\Y\\H[ܙH\Yۈ[\ܜY\ ]\ۙHوH\H[[HY[\Y܈H\^H]]^H[Y\H[[H]\Y\XHY[YYYH\ۙ][ۙHXZ[Y[YYY\\[H\\Yۈ[YH܈ۙ\X][ۈ[[Y][ۋIݙB\YܙHYY[HH\