Patient Education Preparing for Surgery at Mount Carmel St. Ann's

Pre-Admission Testing (PAT) Before your scheduled surgery at Mount Carmel St. Ann’s, you will need a history and physical and other testing as directed by your physician. Testing should be completed at least 4 days, but not more than 30 days before your procedure. You may: ____ Schedule an appointment with your family doctor for a history and physical. Please have the results faxed to 614-234-8604. Results should include the patient’s name, date of birth, surgery date and surgeon’s name. ____ Have your pre-surgical testing done at Mount Carmel St. Ann’s. Your appointment has been scheduled for _________________(date and time). Mount Carmel St. Ann’s Pre-Admission Testing Telephone Number: 614-898-4541 Hours of Operation: 7:30am to 4:00pm Please call with any questions or if you need to schedule, change or cancel an appointment time. If you call when the department is closed, leave a message. We will return your call. On Your PAT Appointment Day • Reserve 1½ hours for your appointment. The length of your appointment is dependent on necessary testing. On time arrival is important. • You may eat and drink normally and take your regular medications, the day of testing. • Dress comfortably. • Bring the following: ✔ Insurance card or cards ✔ Insurance co-pay (as defined by your insurance) ✔ Photo ID ✔ A medication list or the bottles of any medications you take, including over the counter medications, vitamins or herbal products, aspirin, eye drops, inhalers, or stool softners Parking & Directions • PAT testing is at 495 Cooper Road – Medical Office Building at Mount Carmel St. Ann’s in Westerville. • Parking is available in front of our building. 495 Cooper Road offers free valet parking from 9am to 3pm. • Upon arrival, please go to Suite 100. You will later be directed to Suite 106 for your testing. 04/2012