Parvati Magazine May 2014 - Feeling Alive - Page 30

BUSINESS RIDING THE WAVES S ometimes I feel being an entrepreneur is like being a surfer. Almost every entrepreneur is looking for that perfect wave, and we spend much of our time preparing ourselves for that wave. We do everything in our power to be ready so that when the wave comes, we are ready to ride it. However, no matter how much we prepare, the ride is never as expected, and always offers mystery and intrigue. There are many parallels between really great surfers and really great entrepreneurs. For one, they both have the ability to catch those waves that others miss. I have heard it said that most of the great surfers spend their time looking for waves that others would simply dare not try. This is the same as a successful entrepreneur. They will see opportunities where others are either afraid to chart or simply are blind to the opportunity. I think it is that feeling of riding those large waves that makes surfers feel most alive. Most