Parvati Magazine May 2014 - Feeling Alive - Page 25

FASHION All joking aside, I just know that as the warm weather starts to make its long awaited appearance, we all start feeling more alive. And what other way to express that than with fashion! Here are the top trends for Spring 2014. Pastels are huge this spring! You’ll see these soft lovely hues in pink, purple, green, coral and blue. Having said that, bright colours will also be popular. Wide leg pants are making a comeback! Goodbye skinny jeans; now we can sit more comfortably in lotus position. Bomber jackets are the jacket style of choice this summer. Remember those oversized blazers with the sleeves rolled up from the 80’s? They’re back, but more fitted. Tea length skirts means that the skirt length is just slightly below the knee. I personally like this length. I find that it’s tasteful! that with having a clean home? This list sounds good to me! With the bright and pastel colours that you’ll see in the stores, we are sure to forget what a nasty winter we had! I just know that spring 2014 will be a special time. I truly believe that we will all feel extra alive. Sleep your way to the top, and by that I mean, get more s leep! Even just an extra half an hour makes a huge difference. And be sure that your phone is somewhere other than the bedroom. Sleeping time is sacred! Along with this exciting feeling, don’t forget to stay grounded. Here are a few things you can do this spring to help you do just that. Walk in nature. Take time every day, if possible to be outside close to nature. Nature has tremendous healing capabilities. And, the vitamin D that you’ll receive from the sun will make you feel energized! Spring Cleaning. Yup, it’s time. Spring-cleaning is one of those things that feel absolutely fantastic once it’s finished. You’re already feeling more lively with the warmer weather, so why not match Eat more greens. The evidence is overwhelming. Eating a more whole foods, plant based diet makes you feel better and makes your body work better. Your body knows what to do with all of the greens, seeds, spices, fruits and veggies that you feed it. Your body will thank you. These are just suggestions from me, but I assure you that they will help to make you feel alive! Happy Spring! Renia Pruchnicki lives in Toronto, Canada and is a vegan fashion designer. In 2001 she started a company called Truth, which is a line of vegan belts made in Canada. She has a passion for sustainability, healthy living and fashion. She loves to express her creativity wherever she can. For more information on Renia, please visit