Parvati Magazine May 2014 - Feeling Alive - Page 13

WELLNESS the flip-flops went back on. The second day, we could take about a dozen steps. By the third day, we could walk all the way to the beach (half a kilometer) in bare feet, without pain or complaint. We felt accomplished, rebellious, connected to the environment and yes, very alive. In my Greek culture, when tragedy befalls someone, we don’t offer the glib “it was meant to be.” We say “all of it is ours.” Meaning that every possibility is offered to us. We are here to experience everything. All of it is meant to remind us that we are on Earth, alive. There are plenty of joyous ways to feel alive. They can be experienced individually or with others. • • • • • • • • • • 10 Ways To Feel Alive • Express your love. Be brave and generous with it. • Eat great food. Enjoy it without guilt. • Bless your body for letting you feel what it’s going through. Stay connected. Sing. Moving air in and out of you with a melody is cellstimulating, invigorating. Dance, of course – to connect with your body, with music, with another. Tell a different story. Change perspective, your point of view or the ending. Connect to the Source. However you understand that, do it regularly. Contribute to life. Raise children, chickens or awareness. Fight. Get behind something important. Fight injustice, poverty, your demons. Take care of yourself. Self-care is life-affirming. Engage. Be a friend, coach, mentor or witness. Helping others is exciting. Relate to the planet. Learn her language. Go for it. Let your light shine. Use your talents, find your path. they enjoyed previously, as in the above list. When someone is blocked or stuck in memories of painful events, they lose interest in their favourite X