Parvati Magazine March 2014 - Charm - Page 9

YOGA find my current voice and truth on my yoga path. I’ve been practicing yoga with an asana practice for eight years and have been teaching for three. In this time, my practice has evolved as I have evolved. I went from practicing strictly for the sweat and workout I was getting in the hot room, to practicing to keep me less injured in my sport. It then morphed into a practice to ground me, to make me breathe deeper, then to a practice that cracked my heart open. Through and after teacher training, it transformed into a practice of connecting with community, a practice of kindness, patience and compassion towards myself and others, and a practice of letting go. But that practice of letting go took a while to take a firm hold, especially because Ego had its elbows out, wanting to be part of the action. For a while after I started teaching, I was hard on myself about needing to find the time daily to work on advanced postures that I couldn’t do because I didn’t want to feel like a sham of a yoga teacher. I wanted so deeply for those taking my classes to like my classes, and I pushed aside dark or difficult moments I was experiencing when I would teach, because, you leave your baggage at the door, right? During this time, I neglected my meditation practice. I was on the search for something bigger. I taught what I thought people wanted, )