Parvati Magazine March 2014 - Charm - Page 6

POSITIVE POSSIBILITIES LIVING THE LIGHT of the Satguru F rom an early age, our culture teaches us to believe in saints and saviours that will take away all our sins. We are persuaded that our sinfulness will be magically removed by their super powers, while we lie back and avoid our responsibility for our own evolution. Like yearning children, we hungrily want to believe that some mystical big mummy or daddy will dissolve our pain and do our uncomfortable work for us. But we are not little children living in lack. We are adult children of the divine who are fully supported to do our very important inner work and take responsibility for the shadows that we – no one else – cast behind us. Yet we distract ourselves from our pain as we look to others for escape. We amplify their light, so that it may, for a while, free us from the darkness we fear. I do believe that there are real Buddhas on the planet, true realized masters who live in the oneness of absolute, eternal love. But the light of pure consciousness is not a conditional light like that of day and night. The light we cultivate in spiritual practice is not about luminosity to outshine the dark, but about the ultimate dissolution of the ego’s need for duality into the eternal substratum that is the essential underpinning of all of creation. We are limited humans with limited word ̰