Parvati Magazine March 2014 - Charm - Page 4

Welcome Editors Welcome to the March 2014 edition of Parvati Magazine. Many of us seek a little magic in our lives, whether it be in something that adds sparkle to our wardrobe, or in the toe-tingling connection we have with someone who brightens our day, or in the zest we hope to embody that helps us to win others over. But when faced with things that shimmer along the path of awakened living, we must remember that the difference between a gem and a trinket, between genuine engagement and hiding from the truth, lies in our ability to wisely discern between that which is eternal and that which is passing, temporal fancy. In this issue, you will read about the power of charm in spiritual, fitness and wellness journeys, the history of charm jewellery, the magic in Frozen and The Mists of Avalon, the power of tapping into your team’s strengths in business, and more. May these articles serve to inspire you. Parvati Devi Editor-in-Chief Pranada Devi Managing Editor Enjoy! Parvati N E P TI M A ARVA GA I Z AN ENGAGED WORLD Parvati Magazine is your monthly source for awakened living. The name of the magazine is not about an individual person but a celebration of the goddess Parvati in Her incarnation as the awakened Earth. Ella Isakov Yoga Editor Contact Submissions: submit@parvati Advertising: ads@parvati Inquiries: info@parvati