Parvati Magazine March 2014 - Charm - Page 32

OnWord Tweet us! Thank you for reading the March 2014 edition of PARVATI MAGAZINE. As they say, not all that shimmers is gold. The world of spirituality is no exception. As spiritual aspirants, we learn to discern between fool’s gold - ego-driven, empty promises that we may make, or that we want to believe in others and the power of eternal truths that provide us with life’s real gems. Many of us are unaware of the possibility of using spiritual energy to amplify our ego. Learning to navigate through that tendency is part of an ongoing aspect of spiritual maturation. Our shadows lie dormant in the corners of our personalities until situations that push our buttons and go against our will activate them, giving us a chance to see them, if we are humble and courageous enough to do so. May you peer into and beyond that which seems charming and cultivate a life of lasting wisdom-compassion. Love yourself. Love others. Love our world. Parvati Devi @parvati_devi Pranada Devi @pranada Ella Isakov @yogini_ella Sandra O’Brien @muskokahotyoga Renia Pruchnicki @truthbelts Kristen Ma @holisticvanity Parvati Rishi Deva @KupidsPlay #parvatimag N E P TI M A RVA A GA I Z AN ENGAGED WORLD Parvati Magazine is a trademark published monthly by Positive Possibilities Incorporated. All rights are reserved. Nothing in this magazine may be reproduced without prior permission from the publisher. The views expressed in this publication are not necessarily those of the editors or the publishers.