Parvati Magazine March 2014 - Charm - Page 28

COMMUNITY HOT, COOL, YOURS? The 2014 Winter Olympics A s this issue of Parvati Magazine goes to print, the 2014 Winter Olympic Games are taking place in Sochi, Russia, to tremendous worldwide attention and at significant expense. When athletes achieve new greats in human potential, aligning with their joy, their performances can be electrifying and inspiring. Their joy in victory - or their heartbreak when things don’t go well - can provoke great sympathy and emotion on the part of viewers at home. We are in favor of people living to their fullest potential, in alignment with their life purpose - whether that is pushing a bobsled, speed skating, or something less televised like driving a bus or raising a child. But it’s fair to take a look at what else is going on in Sochi, whose Olympic theme is “Hot. Cool. Yours.” To begin with, the broadcast rights for covering the Olympic Games cost a pretty penny and only some broadcasters are given the right to use footage from the games - at signifi-