Parvati Magazine March 2014 - Charm - Page 27

BEAUTY I hope glossy lips never go out of style, because to me, the shinier the better. I’m talkin’ blinding. They just give you a moist, polished look that fills in fine lines and deflects light, creating the illusion of more fullness and plumpness. This is very important for days like today. My postwinter lips are parched, looking extremely dry and thin. We need to remind ourselves that simple things like shaping our brows and having wellmoisturized, glossy lips can really help us feel pretty and refreshed, especially after an exhausting week. But of course, when achieving a lovely glazed look, we want to avoid petrochemicals. Many lip products contain petroleum as it sits on the skin without sinking in, creating a perfect-looking lip slick. However, petroleum unfortunately clogs our pores, prevents moisture permeation, and also has been linked to kidney and liver damage when ingested or absorbed into our bodies… So it’s definitely not something we want to put on our kissers! It is important to use natural lip products that are healthy and pure enough to eat (since the average woman apparently eats around six pounds of lipstick over her lifetime). Actually, my favorite lip moisturizing ingredient is born out of my favorite new trick: to use a lip oil over a lip stick, turning any lip color into a beautiful glossy lip slick. Pomegranate oil is a very fatty oil, packed with anti-oxidants to repair our delicate lip tissues. It is so rich and hydrating that its emollient properties can nourish and moisturize even the driest chapped lips! I discovered pomegranate oil as a lip slick when my mother asked me to try out a sample of organic pomegranate oil for the face. It was so thick it was almost salve-like (similar to the texture of honey), and it was kind of difficult to spread over my skin. Unless we diluted it, it was a no go as a face oil, but it was perfect for a lip slick. Unlike lighter natural oils like jojo