Parvati Magazine March 2014 - Charm - Page 23

MUSIC almost “gay and nerdy” image stood out and by the end of 1984, The Smiths had charmed the world and could do no wrong. They led the post punk movement and quickly went from small clubs to 15,000. I had the good fortune of seeing the band play live before they were famous. I had heard the band on John Peel’s radio show and loved the band from the start. On August 11, 1983 at a small venue called The Warehouse in Leeds, Yorkshire, I danced on a relatively empty dance floor and fell in love. Despite The Smiths being from the north, the fan craze had not yet caught on in Yorkshire. The small audience did not stop the band from giving a great performance. No doubt Morrissey charmed and delivered a show that won the small gathering over, for life. The Smiths would not really catch on until the release of their self-titled album in in Feb- ruary of 1984. At that time, the band were touring the “Hand In Glove” single, which of course I took back to Canada with me and converted all of my friends into Smiths fans. To give an idea of how the Smiths charmed thems