Parvati Magazine March 2014 - Charm - Page 17

NUTRITION My body had physically charmed me into changing my eating habits and lifestyle in order to address my health at a deeper level. In addition to changing my nutrition, I also came to see that how I was feeling about myself and viewing my female parts and anatomy was also playing a role in my menstrual pain. Shaming Our Womanhood I had been shaming my womanhood and all the parts that naturally came with it and I believe it had in part come to manifest itself through physical symptoms. Being emotional, sensitive and vulnerable, as represented by our female organs, were parts of me that wanted to be seen. My body was trying to communicate with me that it was time to put this shame to rest. My body had loudly charmed me into considering loving the parts of me I had been neglecting and loathing for so very long. It’s only been very recently, that I’ve started to realize that maybe there isn’t anything to change, find a solution to or “fix” within myself and my body. Maybe this monthly pain is just part of me. It’s a reminder that I am woman and to embrace the softness of me