Parvati Magazine March 2014 - Charm - Page 12

WELLNESS CHARMING CONFIDENCE I remember a moment where I was utterly taken, delighted to the point of bursting into rhythmic patter. It was a bright, hot day in July and I had an experience of transcendent charm. I’m not shy; I’m a conversation starter. I was speaking with a young boy in a park. Another boy, about eight years old, or so, heard me speaking, and the cadence of my speech caught his imagination. He repeated what I said, I think to savour what he heard, the way some people repeat a good punch line to themselves. And he did it playfully, not mockingly. It was flattering. We made eye contact. There was a spark between us that was a silent “GO!” I responded with a rhyme. He copied my rhythm and raised my rhyme. I added a clap. This little show went on much longer than I thought could be sustained… and the other children present ping-ponged their wide eyes between us. It was one of those we-couldn’t-have-plannedit-better moments. Pure fun. Sheer delight. Glowing charm. I wanted to kiss his cute, chubby face a hundred times, but kept my cool and ended it with a high-five. (So unsatisfying!)