Parvati Magazine March 2014 - Charm - Page 10

MEDITATION CHARMING TEACHERS And Healing Charms I have been present at boring talks by boring monks who warn students about ‘charming teachers’ and I have been present at talks given by people whose magnetism is so great that it seems impossible not to go along with all their ideas. What place does ‘charm’ have in the spiritual life? When a person charms us, we may find ourselves acquiescing to ideas and values that we might otherwise have questioned. Desire for a meaningful life can make us susceptible to being influenced by people who are cultists. It is an interesting fact that intelligent people are more susceptible to becoming cult followers than dull minded people. It surely has to do with this yearning for meaning. If a spiritual teacher exhibits a charming mien, and their intention is wholesome, then the result for the student may be wholesome also and even life changing. A strong moral sense must be maintained on both sides in order to safeguard the teaching of transcendence , otherwise the politics of projection may interfere with the spiritual growth of both teacher and student. The charm of a spiritual teacher also implies their ‘vibration’; when we sit in the presence of an advanced practitioner we may become aware of the invisible presence of their energy. This energy, if wholesome, will feel light and healing to us and we may be invited to ‘bathe’ within it for a time. We need to be aware of any dark or sticky type of energy or any sense