Parvati Magazine February 2014 - Sobriety - Page 4

Welcome Editors Welcome to the February 2014 edition of Parvati Magazine. POSITIVE POSSIBILITIES Sobriety is a word we hear usually in relation to those suffering from substance abuse. Wikipedia describes sobriety as “the condition of not having any measurable levels of, or effects from, mood-altering drugs”. We think of addiction usually in terms of substances such as alcohol and drugs. But any habit we have that interferes with our quality of living may in fact be an addiction. If we do not know how to moderate, we may be a shop-aholic, work-aholic, rage-aholic, gossip-aholic, fitness-aholic. We may even be a spiritaholic. We can be so focused on whatever the thing may be, that we lose our sense of wholeness in it. In this issue, you will find valuable tools that will help you explore ways in which you can gain greater balanced living so that you can meet this New Year with sobriety. Enjoy! In This Issue 06 HELPING VERSUS ENABLING Parvati Devi Parvati Devi Editor-in-Chief YOGA Pranada Devi Managing Editor 08 10 FITNESS 12 E N P TI M A GA I Z AN ENGAGED WORLD Parvati Magazine is your monthly source for awakened living. The name of the magazine is not about an individual person but a celebration of the goddess Parvati in Her incarnation as the awakened Earth. Ella Isakov Yoga Editor Contact Submissions: submit@parvati Advertising: ads@parvati Inquiries: info@parvati NUTRITION 14 LEGACY OF THE HEART The Spiritual Gifts of a Painful Childhood 24 BEAUTY 26 COMMUNITY 28 CONTINUING CARE IN RECOVERY Nirmala Raniga 16 SUGAR ADDICTION Jacquie Robertson BOOKS FASHION DISCIPLINED SELF-CARE Kristen Ma FINDING A HEALTHY HIGH Sandra O’Brien ARVA 22 SOBRIETY IN FASHION Renia Pruchnicki HOLISTIC RECOVERY Dr. Bill Jacyk Parvati MUSIC SEX SELLS Rishi Deva THE DILEMMA OF ECSTASY AND SOBRIETY Catherine Rathbun (Lama Jetsun Yeshe) WELLNESS 20 SMASHED When Half A Couple Stops Drinking TRUE SOBRIETY IS FREEDOM Chantal Wade MEDITATION FILM BUSINESS HIGH ON CAPITOL HILL Rishi Deva 18 30