Parvati Magazine February 2014 - Sobriety - Page 26

BEAUTY DISCIPLINE To Look Your Best BEAUTY I know so many young professional women who are the same. They come into the spa tired, frustrated, and broken out. “I can’t say no,” one of my clients said to me recently, “I try to do everything – and look at my skin!” Chantel Simmons blogged about the same thing, writing: “I can never say no. I say yes to everything. And then I end up feeling overworked and overwhelmed and underappreciated and resentful and wishing that I would’ve said no.” “Ditto sista friend,” I almost said to my monitor when I read that. I had my eczema flare up recently in a way that I haven’t seen in years. While I could say that it’s excess inflammation and high internal heat, that would be a cop out. The fact of the matter is that lately I