Parvati Magazine February 2014 - Sobriety - Page 24

FASHION SOBRIETY IN FASHION FASHION T he fashion industry is a powerful one. Think about it; if it weren’t for the fashion industry we’d all be walking around naked all the time! This powerful industry has created countless jobs. It took women out of suffering by getting them to work during the war which brought them to a level of independence never experienced before. The 1920’s were an era where women were suffering. Fashion’s response was the flapper; with her pixie crop hair and trousers, this was true reflection of the radical changes that enabled female emancipation. That is the beauty and power of fashion. Clearly, our earth is being destroyed. They say that money does not grow on trees. But our current banking system creates currency far faster than trees can actually grow. It seems to me that greed and ego are at the core of all of our problems. It is possible that ethics and glamour can come together to achieve great things in this world. There seems to be a universal recognition for the need for more care and consideration for ethical fashion. We need to fix the bloated nature of the fashion industry that creates a lot of waste with too many products that end up in landfills on one end, and too little pay for those who labor on the other. When harmful chemicals are improperly disposed of, our water and air is negatively affected. Even natural cotton is dyed with chemicals that cause damage to the environment. The working class in the fashion industry often isn’t paid well, and I am not just talking about China, India or Bangladesh - I am referring to countries like Canada! has the power to bring about huge change. We all wear clothing; therefore, we all buy clothing. If everyone were educated on how making different choices can make a difference in the world, they would make different choices. With the popularity of today’s internet, information on this topic can reach millions. It has already started with designers turning towards organic materials. Thanks to high profile, famous designers such as Stella McCartney, more and more people are hearing about eco fashion. I have heard about what is called the three R‘s of eco fashion; reduce, reuse and recycle. You are only in charge of yourself, and every moment is filled with a choice. Knowing this, maybe you can keep this in mind with your next fashion purchase. Can fashion change the world? Yes, I believe it can! Because fashion is such a huge industry, it Renia Pruchnicki is the owner of a company called Truth where she designs a line of vegan fashion accessories made in Canada. She also works as a designer of soft-sided coolers and lunch carriers for a Canadian company called California Innovations. For more information on Renia, please visit