Party Time Magazine Party Time Magazine Issue 14 HeavyGrinder - Page 88 Partyscopes Written by the Party Psychic A RIES 3/21-4/19 Get serious about finances. Not having enough money UHDOO\ VXFNV %XW , GRQW KDYH WR WHOO \RX WKDW /RRN DW \RXU LQFRPH VRXUFHV DQG PDNH VRPH FKDQJHV <RXYH EHHQ RQ WKH EXPS\ URDG RI UHODWLRQVKLSV <RXOO ILQG LW LV HDVLHU WR makeup than to breakup. A close friend will need your help. Your ability to put others first is what makes you at- tractive. T AURUS 4/20-5/20 Something lost will be found, money, old friends, or even a SKRQH QXPEHU 'RQW SOD\ KDUG -to- JHW VR RIWHQ <RXOO ILQG that others are happy to flirt back. Making an important decision takes some time. Wait for some important infor- mation to help you out. Take time to notice the world around you. The smallest things in life are the most amaz- ing. G EMINI 5/21-6/21 When you speak, people listen. Use this advantage to get what you want. A new outfit will make you feel amazing. You will want to look your best for a chance encounter that could turn into a dinner date. Spend more time with people you want to be like. C ANCER 6/22-7/22 Sit down and have an important conversation with a friend. <RXYH EHHQ ILJKWLQJ IRU WRR ORQJ <RXYH EHHQ RII WKH PDU ket for a while. Time to get back into the swing of things and put yourself out there. So, dust off your dancing shoes and hit the town. L EO 7/23-8/22 You are a social butterfly. Stop trying to resist. Romance is in the stars for you. There is no balance between fun and work. You have been concentrating more on work. %XW WKDWV RND\ <RX ZLOO EDODQFH LW RXW ODWHU . V IRGO 8/23-9/22 Sit down with a close friend or relative and talk about what really matters. You run on a tight schedule, but you must realize not everyone else does. Except that sometimes you must wait. Spend some time in nature. It is a sure way to bring you happiness. L IBRA 9/23-10/22 Running into an acquaintance may rekindle an old relation- ship. You will have the confidence to start up an interesting conversation. Beautify yourself, or your home, or maybe even your office space. It will certainly make you more pro- ductive. Have deep, meaningful conversations. Shallow ideas and material things are just not on your mind right now. Surround yourself with others who also share this idea. S CORPIO 10/23-11/21 You are still working your way up, but success is just DURXQG WKH FRUQHU 6ORZ GRZQ DQG GRQW UXVK WKURXJK things. Some activities require you to spend more time on them. There is a need for cutbacks. Closely watch how you spend your money and time. S AGITTARIUS 11/22-12/21 Sometimes your outspokenness may get you into trouble. You have a great social energy. Gather up a group of friends and enjoy a day at a music festival. Your brain is on overtime. You have so many ideas. No need to slow down, you are having too much fun. Sometimes you have to share a secret to make your dreams come true. C APRICORN 12/22-1/19 Now is a good time to start something new. Old memories are interfering with present decisions. You need to move forward and keep on walking. Give your words meaning DQG IROORZ WKHP ZLWK DFWLRQV <RXYH EHHQ PHHWLQJ DOO WKH wrong people in too many venues. Find one that works and concentrate on it. A QUARIUS 1/20 2/18 Just take a few seconds to breath before you act out your DJJUHVVLRQV &DUHIXOO\ SLFN \RXU EDWWOHV ,WV D JRRG WLPH WR VWDUW WKDW KHDOWK URXWLQH \RXYH EHHQ WKLQNLQJ DERXW 0D\EH take a yoga class. When you meet someone you like, let him or her know. Stop being so shy. P ISCES 2/19-3/20 %DODQFH ZRUN DQG SOD\ <RXYH EHHQ FRQFHQWUDWLQJ WRR much on work. Time to change your technique or try a new YHQXH FDXVH \RXYH EHHQ PHHWLQJ DOO WKH ZURQJ SHRSOH