Party Time Magazine Party Time Magazine Issue 14 HeavyGrinder - Page 77

RXU IDYRULWH SODFH" , WKLQN LWV The Bentel, t hey have the best ribs in the world. Wouter -Ya, if you go to Holland, and then you have to go to the South, you have to go to The Bentel! Sjoerd -They have the best ribs in the world. Seriously, ,YH QHYHU KDG EHWWHU ULEV WKHQ WKDW RQH This question is for us ladies, is Showtek single or taken? Wouter -Both taken. What are some words of advice for up and coming DJS/Producers? Wouter -Produce something you really like yourself and the amount of followers will follow by itself. We get like 100 emails of new music a week and I can say 90 of WKHP DOZD\V VRXQG D OLWWOH ELW WKH VDPH $QG WKDWV ZK\ if you listen to a few beats, you already know you are not interested. If you hear something that is different, even if the quality is little bit less, you can hear that VRPHERG\ LV WU\LQJ VRPHWKLQJ HOVH DQG WKDWV UHDOO\ important in the music business because there are a PLOOLRQ 3URGXFHUV DQG '-V DQG WKH\ DOO ZDQW WR JR KHUH and on top they only see five or six names and they think they have to make those sounds. If you go left while everybody is going right, I think you will eventu- ally go a better direction. inue. When you are wondering am I doing the right WKLQJ DP , JRLQJ LQ WKH ULJKW GLUHFWLRQ LWV JRRG FRQILU mation. It tells you every year, alright, everyone loves \RXU VKLW 2. JRRG GRQW FKDQJH LW JR IRU LW \RX NQRZ ,WV LPSRUWDQW Where was Showtek 10 years ago and where do you see Showtek in 10 years? Sjoerd-Sitting on a coach doing nothing. Wouter -Music till I die. Sjoerd-We will never stop with music, the question is how long can you go. Being a DJ is like being a Soc- FHU SOD\HU \RX FDQW GR LW IRUHYHU Wouter -We do a lot of shows now these days, in 10 \HDUV PD\EH ,OO SUREDEO\ KDYH VRPH NLGV DQG RQ ,OO EH joining them watching them play Soccer on Sundays. Sjoerd-I think we will always keep making music. Wouter - ,OO QHYHU TXLW PDNLQJ PXVLF QHYHU Sjoerd- :HOO FRQWLQXH '-LQJ 7KDWV WKH WKLQJ DERXW KDYLQJ \RXU RZQ FRPSDQ\ \RX KDYH ULVNV \RX GRQW NQRZ ZKDWV JRLQJ WR KDSSHQ 7KDWV WKH JRRG WKLQJ that keeps you awake. As long as we are having fun and as long as we can do it, we will continue, and as long as there are girls in front of the booth and Juager. If either of you had to get yourselves a job to make ends-meet, what job would you do and where would you work at? Sjoerd- This sounds really bad maybe, but I would, um in Holland, how would you say it? The SWAT Team. I like a lot of action. Sjoerd- I like a lot of action. Cause if you see me on VWDJH ,P QRW VWDQGLQJ UHDOO\ VWLOO , KDYH WR PRYH DQG jump and stuff. I like action. So something like that, VRPHWKLQJ WKDWV ULVN\ RU KHFWLF Wouter -Ya, I have no idea. I would do something in ad- vertising. Sjoerd- Make jokes for commercials that are really bad. That no one could stand. Wouter -Make really bad one-liners. Wouter -This FRPPHUFLDO VXFNV LWV PDGH E\ :DOW :KDWV \RXU IDYRULWH SODFH WR HDW LQ \RXU KRPH WRZQ as well as outside your home town? Sjoerd-  v ]v >XX ][ <}v barbeque. Amaz- LQJ 7KHUHV RQH DPD]LQJ VXVKL SODFH LQ 9DQFRXYHU we always go to. We even take a flight earlier to go to this place. Wouter - /[ v}  }uu]o SODFH ,WV D UHDOO\ VPDOO tiny neighborhood. Sjoerd- /[  o}o oU } lv} o}o DUH WKH EHVW ,WV the same with Mexican food. Mexican food restaurants DUH JUHDW EXW LWV EHWWHU LI \RX JR WR D IDPLO\ UHVWDXUDQW 0H[LFDQ IRRG PDNHV \RX IDUW ,Q RXU KRPHWRZQ ZKDWV