Party Time Magazine Party Time Magazine Issue 14 HeavyGrinder - Page 76

Sjoerd-Ya it is. Sjoerd- :H KDYH D ORW RI UHODWLYHV D ORW RI WDOHQWV LWV LQ our family first of all and he is like a musical Mozart on the piano. Wouter - ,P JODG , WRRN WKRVH SLDQR OHVVRQV Sjoerd-I like to mix tracks on the computer, so we both have something to do with music, and so we tried to PDNH D WUDFN WRJHWKHU 7KH '-LQJ FDPH DIWHUZDUGV we first started producing as a hobby, and after a few releases a local promoter from a club said you guys do well in a vinyl show, do you want to play in a club for us once a month. After a while, it was like 2 years in a row in a club, and from there we went national, and then international. It was never a big dream to become a DJ, the dream was making music, but the real dream ZDV WR SOD\ EDVNHWEDOO LQ WKH 1%$ EXW , GLGQW JHW WKDW ELJ VR PDNLQJ PXVLF ZDV WKH VWDUW DQG WKHQ '-LQJ DI ter. What made you go from producing Techno, to pro- ducing Hardstyle, and is there any chance that you may someday produce another style as well? Wouter -We do also produce other music of course, we GRQW GR +DUGVW\OH HYHU\GD\ :H ORYH DOO (OHFWURQLF music. I play Trance and Techy stuff. As Showtek we do focus on one style, but we do other stuff under other names. We love all kinds of music. Sjoerd-I think if you listen to our stuff from like 2 years DJR LWV D OLWWOH GLIIHUHQW EXW HYHQ OLNH ZKHQ ZH SOD\HG WKH $IURMDFN VWXII LWV OLNH KDUGHU DQG LW ILWV RXU VRXQG VR we play it. What DJs do you enjoy listening too? Wouter -Honestly I like them all, but I prefer to listen to Pop music and like Coldplay, the Killers, any kind of music that has the right energy. I also listen to the pro- duction of songs, I listen with 2 ears of course, one as a producer and the other as a fan. Sjoerd- :H DOVR OLVWHQ WR 0LFKDHO -DFNVRQV %DG What producers do you admire? Wouter -Skrillex, Deadmau5, Afrojack, Umek, Avicci and Sander Van Doorn. What equipment do you prefer to DJ with? Wouter - $ 0LFURSKRQH DQG &' V DQG D 9'- IRU our own video clips. We have one clip on the track that GRHVQW HYHQ PDNH VHQVH \RXOO VHH WKH FURZG ORRNLQJ DW LW OLNH ZKDWV WKDW DQG OLNH QRW HYHQ OLVWHQ WR WKH WUDFN anymore, What equipment do you produce your hard banging beats with? Wouter -We use all our old Hardware, really big synthe- sizers they just sounds better than the stuff that every- one uses now days. Sjoerd-Nothing beats analog sounds. You have already collaborated with many known producers, who have been your favorite to work with, who are you currently working with and who would you like to work with that you have not yet? Wouter -We just did a side project called Boys will be Boys with Angry Dimas and Tiesto. It was a House project, but it was really awesome to do. We got lots of SRVLWLYH IHHGEDFN $OVR DQRWKHU WUDFN FDOOHG :H 5RFN RQ 7LHVWRV &OXEOLIH &' 6KRZWHN LV DOVR ZRUNLQJ RQ something really nice, but we cannot tell you yet. Showtek is no stranger to the winners circle when it comes to awards, can you mention to us some of the awards that you are proud of earning? Sjoerd-This year we had best Producer at the Hardstyle Awards. The year before we had 4-5 of them, almost DOO RI WKHP LW ZDVQW IDLU WR WKH RWKHU '-V3URGXFHUV PD\EH EXW ZH KDG EHVW '-V EHVW 3URGXFHUV EHVW album, best track, best remix. Winning an award is DOZD\V FRRO EXW , WKLQN LWV PRVW LPSRUWDQW ZKDW KDS SHQV RQ WKH GDQFH IORRU ,WV JRRG PRWLYDWLRQ WR FRQW -