Party Time Magazine Party Time Magazine Issue 14 HeavyGrinder - Page 75

With Kaskade finding himself under hot water for the block party, do you think you would every try doing a free block party of your own? Sjoerd-I would have to say I like the idea, but the result was pretty bad. Wouter -I was heard a story about Kobe Bryant who was Twit- tering that he was having coffee at a Cafe at a corner of a street and he was hope to have like 4 fans hook up with him, and then like thousands of people showed up to see Kobe %U\DQW :H DUH QRW .REH %U\DQW ZH DUH 6KRZWHN VR , GRQW know what would happen then. Sjoerd- :HOO NHHS LW LQ PLQG 1RZ OHWV EDFN WUDFN D OLWWOH WHOO XV KRZ \RX FDPH XS ZLWK the name Showtek? Wouter -Really easy, his name is (Sjoerd) and my name is Wouter , both typical Dutch names, and we were in our home studio which is really small, we only have this small synthesizer from our mother for Christmas and some Sony VSHDNHUV RI PLQH DQG ZH DUH OLNH OHWV start making music. We produce on a hi-fi home speaker set, it sounds pretty good and after a year we got our first release and the guy from the ODEHO VDLG RN ZKDWV JRQQD EH \RXU QDPH +XP ZH GRQW NQRZ ZH GRQW know so we wrote down our names, so (Sjoerd and Wouter ), so it was UHDOO\ VWXGLS LW VRXQGV VWXSLG EXW ,P gonna tell you, you want to know so, and then we put down his first 3 SJO and then it went to W, and then we like Techno music in those days we play Techno, SJOWTECH, but it sounded weird. Sjoerd-It sounded like a Russian band. Wouter -And then we had Showtec with a C and then our track got re- leased and our name was released wrong on the vinyl, it has Showtek with a K. We were like, they Fucked \RX DQG WKHQ ZHUH OLNH LWV EHWWHU OLNH WKDW /HWV NHHS LW WKDW ZD\ Sjoerd- 6R LWV 6+2: EHFDXVH LWV D VKRZ ZKHQ ZH SHUIRUP and TEK because we like Techo. Showtek! Wouter -Funny how it worked out. Sjoerd- 2XWVLGH RXU VWXGLR WKLV GRHVQW JR ZLWK \RX TXHVWLRQV EXW LWV D IXQQ\ VWRU\ ZH DOZD\V KDG WKLV RQH ELUG LQ WKH WUHH that was always there, and I swear to God this bird was like whistling our tune. That bird had been listening to our tune for over a year. What inspired Showtek to become DJs/producers? Sjoerd-We love music. And I just hear this nice thing on tele- vision that said, Music is the harmonic connection of all peo- SOH 7KDWV WKH JRRG WKLQJ DERXW PXVLF LW EULQJV SHRSOH WR gether, and you forget your regular daily stress, and you just want to make music. Wouter - , WKLQN LWV DOVR LQ WKH IDPLO\ ULJKW and I did it and the place went nuts, and I was talking to Tiesto EDFN VWDJH DQG KH VDLG \RXUH SOD\LQJ DV ZHOO ULJKW ZKDW GD\ GR \RX DUULYH DQG , VDLG )ULGD\ WKDWV WKH GD\ , SOD\ FDQ \RX MC again at EDC, and I said ya why not. But I did think about the amount of people that were standing there and I walked onto the stage and I was like wait this is different, I think Ibiza was like 10,000 people, and like EDC was like 40,000 people and I spoke to him just before just before we went on. Wouter - :HUH JRRG IULHQGV ZLWK 7LHVWR  ZH ERWK OLNH -DJHU we have a connection there. Sjoerd- :H WDONHG DERXW ZKLFK WUDFN ZH JRQQD GR 0&LQJ DQG then he played a track that we both know very well and comes the big breakdown and the melody comes up so I had time to say something and I had never seen so many hands it the air, it was like a Michael Jackson concert, it was so big, the affect was amazing. Now while we are still on the topic of EDC, can you tell us your opin- ion about what happened at the EDC movie premiere with .DVNDGHV EORFN SDUW\" Wouter -We just hear about it. Sjoerd- , GRQW HYHQ NQRZ WKH ZKROH story. I know there were some riots because Kaskade was playing some- where and was bumping music to like 5,000 people. Good promotion tho. Wouter -(Good promotion) Not always because when something happens they want to blame it on the whole scene, and I think that Electro and GDQFH PXVLF LV QRW PXVLF LWV OLNH D culture you know, you cannot blame it on the culture. Can you believe that two major theater chains, AMC and Regal, have decided to not show the EDC movie nationwide, how do you feel about that? Sjoerd- , KDYH WR EHOLHYH LW EHFDXVH LWV WUXH WKDWV FUDS Wouter - 7KDWV ODPH WR SXOO EDFN RQ HYHU\ FLQHPD WKDWV SUHWW\ KXJH, WKLQN WKDWV UHDOO\ VWXSLG Wouter -What are they going to play now, oh my God. Sjoerd- :LQQLH WKH 3RRK 7KDWV D VWXSLG WKLQJ WR GR IRU D small reason like that. Wouter -Could have been a really nice thing to have it broad- casted worldwide, but on the other end, there is lots of talk of it in other ways so they still have the right promotion, so maybe next year. People who went to EDC will watch it anyway when it comes out. Sjoerd-The media always tries to blow up the story. In Hol- land, there is a big festival with like 40,000, and the atmos- phere is great and there are like a few people like 20 people get arrested for fights or drugs, and the next day in the media they only talk about 20 people got arrest because of drugs, blah blah blah, they just show the bad side of things.