Party Time Magazine Party Time Magazine Issue 14 HeavyGrinder - Page 74

Do both of you do vocals, or only one of you? Wouter -Mainly he does WKHP :H KDYH VRPH +RXVH 0&V RU Singers we work with as well. They sing a little on our songs. We also have studio musicians with us to sing for the vocals. Sjoerd- Last year we had a small crew with us ZLWK D VLQJHU +HV DOVR IURP DQ H[LVWLQJ EDQG VR KH FRXOGQW FRPH WR HYHU\ JLJ It was really nice to have a real singer on stage. He did really well live and people were singing along with him. So we hope to continue doing it for our next album. This year, you have played and represented Hardstyle at VRPH RI WKH ZRUOGV PRVW DPD]LQJ HYHQWV LQFOXGLQJ (OHF tric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas. How does it feel playing at these mega festivals compared to playing small ven- ues? Sjoerd -First of all, I think EDC Vegas is in our top 5 best gigs ever LQ RXU ZKROH FDUHHU EHFDXVH , GRQW NQRZ KRZ WR GHVFULEH WKH feeling that sunk in. Wouter -It was the crowd, the sun and the vibe. Sjoerd - / }v[ lv} Z ] X :H ZHUHQW QHUYRXV RU DQ\ WKLQJ EXW ZH ZHUH OLNH ZKDWV JRQQD KDSSHQ" ,WV D WKUHH day party, it closes down at like 6 or 5 in the morning, people are maybe tired or VRPHWKLQJ \RX GRQW NQRZ ZKDWV JRLQJ WR KDSSHQ Sjoerd- We climb on stage and I look over the whole area and it was packed as hell, I was like wow. I did not expect this, and then the vibe was amaz- ing, and afterwards we were so happy with EDC. Wouter - o} ][  ]P Z}v} } start with these songs here in the US in the big festival be- FDXVH LWV UHDOO\ QHZ VR SHRSOH PD\EH GLGQW NQRZ RQH WUDFN RI XV DQG DUH OLNH RN ,P FXULRXV DQG DUH OLNH ZKDWV KDSSHQLQJ and the good thing is that they stay there when we are play- LQJ DQG WKH\ GRQW ZDON DZD\ Sjoerd -But the answer your question, a lot of people as us you playing at big festivals and then you come to a club with 500 SHRSOH OLNH LVQW WKDW VPDOO LW KDV QRWKLQJ WR GR ZLWK D ORW RI SHRSOH LWV PRUH OLNH WKH YLEH WKDW LV KDSSHQLQJ LQ WKHUH :LWK 300 people you can see what is happening, if you play at a IHVWLYDO \RX ZKLFK FRQWDLQV  SHRSOH GRQW VHH HYHU\ WKLQJ WKDW LV KDSSHQLQJ DURXQG \RX EHFDXVH LWV PD\EH WRR ELJ EXW RI FRXUVH LWV FRRO EXW LQ D FOXE ZLWK  SHRSOH DQG WKH SHRSOH JR FUD]\ \D WKDWV DOVR YHU\ FRRO ,W MXVW GHSHQGV where you go. 6SHDNLQJ DERXW (OHFWULF 'DLV\ 6KRZWHN HQGHG XS 0&LQJ for Tiesto, that was sick, how did that come about, was it planned or did you just jump on stage to party rock it? Sjoerd- :H GLG LW LQ ,EL]D D ZHHN EHIRUH 0DUFHO :RRGV ZKRV D FROOHDJXH RI RXUV ZDV SOD\LQJ 7LHVWRV SDUW\ DQG KH NQRZV WKDW ,P WKH 0& IRU 6KRZWHN VR KH DVNHG LI , ZRXOG 0& IRU KLP for 10 minutes to breakdown the roof for that last 10 minutes First off, welcome back to California. ,P YHU\ H[FLWHG WR EH DEOH WR LQWHUYLHZ \RX KHUH DW \RXU hotel just before you make way to perform at Audiotistic. Audiotistic is a multi-genre music festival that allows Electronic Music, Hip Hop and all Indie Music styles and genres to be represented. How does it feel when you see people that are totally into another style of music check- ing you out and feeling your Hardstyle beats? Walter - dZ[ Z [ ]u]vP (}  ZHYH DOUHDG\ JRW our pod of followers. Good thing musical Artists like to ex- SDQG ,WV D JUHDW RSSRUWXQLW\ WR KDYH RWKHU JHQUH IROORZHUV OLVWHQ WR RXU KDUG EDQJQ EHDWV Wouter -Also, nowadays you can cross the line. Like ten years ago, people were more like inside the box. People were like are you Hip-Hop, or are you a this or that, but now people like to go and check out other people and still dig their sound. Sjoerd - &} ][ oo }}o   to reach a variety of SHRSOH :H GRQW OLPLW LW to one kind. Wouter -We also play some other stuff, like House tracks and Dub- step. We just mix it up. Sjoerd -Ya, EDC we played Dubstep and we played tracks from Afrojack. I think as an Artist you want to be free and if you like a track from another album, then why should- QW \RX EH DEOH WR SOD\ LW" %HFDXVH \RXUH QRW DOORZ to? No. I think people like it when you bring different stuff because it brings levels into your VHW , WKLQN LWV SUHWW\ cool. ,Q WKH V KHUH LQ WKH 86 ZH KDG D ELJ +DUG +RXVH movement. How would you describe the difference be- tween Hard House and Hardstyle? Wouter -Wow, I think that the tempo is the same and Hard House was even faster and more Techy. Hard Dance/ +DUGVW\OH LV PRUH PHORGLF ,WV PRUH OLNH , GRQW ZDQW WR VD\ Trance, but it has more Trancey influenced I think, melody wise. The beat, the kick drums are really different. There is a little bit more distortion in it now. I think Hard House sounded cleaner, also it was like ten years ago, all the producers have gotten better with mixing and stuff. I think if we can speak for ourselves, we do a lot of different vocals, like singing and rock vocals. I think with Hard House in mind, I look to it for like speedy vocals, and pitch. It was really different music, but really great at the time. Sjoerd -But for us, we represent the harder genre of the music, but it is always very important to branch out. Showtek is of FRXUVH RXU PXVLF EXW LWV GLIIHUHQW (YHQ LI \RX SOD\ DQ $IUR MDFN WUDFN LWV QRW QRUPDOO\ +DUG +RXVH RU DQ\WKLQJ EXW LW ILWV in our set. For us, I think Showtek is more than one kind of PXVLF ,WV PRUH WKDQ WKDW