Party Time Magazine Party Time Magazine Issue 14 HeavyGrinder - Page 63

Each piece of Kandi that I have ever cre- ated has always been symbolized in one way or another. Whether it has been a cuff or a single bracelet, my time and dedi- cation, has made the exchange all the more meaningful. The exchange marks the be- ginning of new friend- ships, which may last a life- time. Some of these Kandi exchanges have gained me some real legit friends. Aside from the sentiment it has, one of the most im- portant things Kandi provide are memories of who you meet at Raves or Festivals. To me, the memories are endless and priceless, that is why I like making, wear- ing trading and collecting bracelets, rings, and cuffs. Kandi only adds to the whole go- ing out experi- ence, on top of listen to music and dancing the night away with someone who shares the same interests as me. Even after reading this article, some peo-ple may still not get it and will continue thinking that Kandi is stupid and point-less. To me and oth-ers who appre-ciate Kandi making, it has a deeper mean-ing and value which really matters to us. There is nothing more P.L.U.R than Kandi to make someone feel like they belong and/or like they are welcomed, so keep it P.L.U.R. and trade some Kandi with me! -Perla Trejo