Party Time Magazine Party Time Magazine Issue 14 HeavyGrinder - Page 62

As a Raver who fell in love with the scene back in 2009, I learned what Kandi was and it captivated me. It made me feel as if I finally belonged somewhere. When I started going to Raves and Festi-vals, strang-ers started giving me Kandi which sparked lots of new friendships which is when I realized that Kandi was much more than just a simple bunch of beads strung together on elastic Peace, Love, Unity, Respect and the exchange RI .DQGL 6R \RX may ask yourself what is the mean- ing and exact pur- pose of this? To outsiders, they are just some sim- ple bracelets, some even with hearts, stars, foam letters or VWXII DWWDFKHG together. To us who are part of the culture, it means something more. Through the years, the symbolization of Kandi has be- come popular and the Kandi pieces have even become more elabo- rate and unique in de- tail. Kandi pieces range from simple bracelets, to cuffs, rings, ties, bra's, bandana's, and so on. The creativity used to make each piece adds more senti- ment to what Kandi symbolizes to each individual specifi- cally when trading or giving them away to someone.