Party Time Magazine Party Time Magazine Issue 14 HeavyGrinder - Page 60

If I offered you a drink at a club, what would you order? Jack and Diet Coke. Tell us one thing that nobody knows about you that would make us go hummm? I love watching anime and watch a lot of it while getting ready or during any downtime. DJs are known to rock parties with their sounds, but scare crowds when it comes to dancing. Do you have two left feet, or can you dance circles around people? I love dancing! This question is for the guys out there, is HeavyGrinder single or GRQW VD\ LW WDNHQ" ,OO OHDYH WKDW XS WR \RXU LPDJLQDWLRQ What are some words of advice for up and coming DJS/ Producers? Practice makes perfect! Keep follow- ing your dreams. And last, where is the best place for our readers to follow you (website, social media, etc...)? djheavygrinder Thanks HeavyGrinder for sharing with us today, on the behalf of Party Time Magazine, we hope you FRQWLQXH URFNQ LW IRU D YHU\ ORQJ time! -R2D2 Cook or take out? Cook. Who would you like to work with one day that you have not yet worked with? There are so many people to name. Ellie Goulding or Fenech Soler would be two that I have my eyes on at the moment. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Spreading the love of dance music and traveling around the world, doing what I do now. f you were not DJing/Producing, what would you be doing? I would be a psychologist. Do you collect anything? I use to collect vinyl. Now I collect action figures. What other DJ would you go shopping with? DJ Icey. Favorite brand of make up? MAC. Favorite brand of shoes? None in particular, as long as they are cute. Favorite nail polish color? Black or blood red. Photos by Justin Price