Party Time Magazine Party Time Magazine Issue 14 HeavyGrinder - Page 59

Lynnie aka DJ Highmaintenance. She is a Gem inside and out. What equipment do you prefer to DJ with? &'- V  3LRQHHU '-0    '- ERRWK PRQLWRUV You have worked on your own music productions and have released a track featuring the veteran vo- cal talents of SuSu Bobien on the well-respected KRXVH ODEHO 6RXQGPHQ DV ZHOO DV D WUDFN <RX 7KLQN <RX 'R RQ 6WDU )UXLWV 5HFRUGV In 2009, you UHOHDVHG D &' FRPSLODWLRQ /LYLQJ D 'UHDP LQ -D SDQ DQG LQ  \RX UHOHDVHG D PL[ &' (WHUQLW\ on Rhythm Club Records. <RXU VLQJOH 0LQG (UDVHU IHDWXULQJ =HOPD 'DYLV IURP & & 0XVLF Factory was a Top 40 hit for 5 weeks on iTunes. <RXU WUDFN %UHDN WKH ZDOO ZDV IHDWXUHG LQ D .)& commercial in Japan. And last but not least, your ODWHVW UHOHDVHV %DVV LV P\ %) IHDWXULQJ 3UHFLVH )OXII ZLWK 1\ORQ 3LQN $XGLRVWDONHUV DQG 6XSHUVWDU ZLWK 6XH &KR ZDV FKDUWHG LQ %HDW 's top 100 under Electro House. How does it feel having all those accomplishments under your belt? I have definitely been blessed with the people I have had the chance to work with and projects I have been a partof. Can you share with us your current production pro- jects that you may be working on? I am working with the very talented, Precise, and singer Inez, on a track called "Electrofied." It's sounding amazing! Musically, I'm really pushing myself to reach another plateau. Also, I'm releasing a new Mobile Ap- plication called, Love Letters. It will have exclusive original music, mixes, photos, an HG Diary, and some wonderful surprises! IIt is now available. Who would you like to work with one day that you have not yet worked with? There are so many people to name. Ellie Goulding or Fenech Soler would be two that I have my eyes on at the moment. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Spreading the love of dance music and traveling around the world, doing what I do now. If you were not DJing/Producing, what would you be doing? I would be a psychologist. What are some of your pet peeves? Pathological liars. Photo by Justin Price