Party Time Magazine Party Time Magazine Issue 14 HeavyGrinder - Page 58

How you doing today? I am doing great ! Relaxing on a Sunday. Thanks from taking time out from your current tour for this interview today. Thank you for having me up for the interview! This week you are playing in Santa Cruz, California and then this weekend you will be playing in Miami, Florida just to name a few of your stops this week. Does your set/sound/style differ when play- ing in the West Coast vs. playing in the East Coast? Not exactly, although my sound can differ depending on the crowd and what they like to hear. Your DJ career dates back to 2003. Since then, you have played many venues, festivals and have had to deal with numerous promoters. What would you say are some major notable changes that you have seen over the years? Technology has definitely made a huge change in the music industry and the art of DJing. The creation of CDJs as well as the use of laptops are some of the ma- jor changes I have noticed. What inspired you to become a DJ and how did the name HeavyGrinder come about? I fell in love with the art of DJing when I was 17. I was RYHU DW P\ IULHQGV KRXVH DQG JRW WR WRXFK DQG VSLQ RQ vinyl for the first time. Ever since, DJing has been my life and lover. :KDWV \RXU PHPRUDEOH SODFH WKDW \RX KDYH '-HG at, and where do you hope to play at one day at? Kokugikan in Japan was my most memorable place WKDW , KDYH '-HG DW , KRSH WR SOD\ LQ )UDQFH DQG ,WDO\ someday. Do you think there is a difference between being a male or female DJ in regards to respect from other DJs, getting booked, and pay? I use to feel that way, but now that there are more fe- males in the industry, I feel that things have become more equal as far as respect goes. Do you think there is a rivalry within female DJs, and if so, why do you think that is? ,P QRW YHU\ VXUH DERXW ULYDOU\ ZLWKLQ IHPDOH '-V EXW , feel like stuff like that happens more so in the music industry itself. With that being said, if I asked you to recommend me another female DJ, who would you recom- mend? I would recommend my good friend who is a great DJ Photo by Justin Price