Party Time Magazine Party Time Magazine Issue 14 HeavyGrinder - Page 53

Marcel Woods You have already collaborated with known produc- ers, who has been your favorite to work with, who are you currently working with and who would you like to work with that you have not yet? I just did a track with Tiesto, and if you do a track with 7LHVWR WKHQ \RXUH GRQH )RU PH KHV VWLOO WKH ELJJHVW ,P QRW D ELJ IDQ RI FROODERUDWLRQV EXW ZKHQ 7LHVWR DVNHG PH \RX NQRZ \RX GRQW VD\ QR Where do you see yourself in 5 years? :HOO \RX QHYHU NQRZ , VWLOO WKLQN ,OO EH WUDYHOLQJ DURXQG WKH ZRUOG , GRQW NQRZ DW ZKLFK OHYHO EDVLFDOO\ with all the stuff in the industry with the music labels and booking agency. Is there a style of music that you like to listen to that would make your fans pull out their nails? I listen to all styles of music. I listen to everything from %DFK WR 'DQFH (YHU\WKLQJ , HYHQ OLVWHQ WR V DQG 6RXO PXVLF 6R ,P D YDULHG PXVLF ORYHU LW KDV WR FRPH IURP HYHU\ GLUHFWLRQ (YHQ OLNH $P\ :LQHKRXVH LWV VXFK D VKDPH VKHV GHDG \RX NQRZ VKH ZDV DQ DPD] ing performer. If you were not DJing/producing, what would you be doing to pay the bills? Well before this I was a Welder, so I was welding all the metal stuff together. So maybe I would still be doing WKDW EXW , GRQW NQRZ 0D\EH , ZRXOG EH ZRUNLQJ IRU D record company or something like that. Getting out of school I had to find a job and that was what I did. Later on, music was my hobby and I started producing music. And last, where is the best place for our readers to follow you (website, social media, etc...)? The best thing is to follow me on Twitter @MarcelWoods and Thanks Marcel for answering these questions to- day, on the behalf of everyone at New Rave Maga- zine, we wish you nothing but success in your ca- reer which we will be following closely. -Sylvia Padro