Party Time Magazine Party Time Magazine Issue 14 HeavyGrinder - Page 52

Marcel Woods ,P YHU\ H[FLWHG WR EH DEOH WR LQWHUYLHZ \RX KHUH DW your hotel today just before you make way to per- form at Audiotistic. Audiotistic is a multi-genre mu- sic festival that allows Electronic Music, Hip Hop and all Indie Music styles and genres to be repre- sented. How does it feel when you see people that are totally into another style of music checking you out and feeling your sounds? ,WV FRRO \RX NQRZ EHFDXVH WR PH WKDWV ZKDW WKH PX sic festival is all about. Not just listening to one genre. , ORYH WKLV ROGHU 7UDQFH DQG 7HFKQR DQG +RXVH ,WV nice to listen to a lot of different types of music. Your career dates back to 1990, since then you have played at some of the most talked about festi- vals in the world, what would you say are some ma- jor notable changes that you have seen over the years? ,WV JHWWLQJ PRUH SURIHVVLRQDO QRZ GD\V 1RUPDOO\ \RX JHW WUDLOHUV DQG VWXII OLNH WKDW %DFN LQ WKH GD\V \RXG walk into a festival, you barely get in and then you get all confused, then you have to walk through crowds DQG OLNH QRZ GD\V DOO '-V DUH OLNH VXSHUVWDUV VR WKDWV WKH FKDQJH ,W GRHVQW DOZD\V FKDQJH IRU WKH EHWWHU EXW LWV PRUH SURIHVVLRQDO 7HOO XV DERXW \RXU QHZ $OEXP 0XVLFDO 0DGQHVV  $OEXP 1R  RI FRXUVH LWV D PL[ XS RI  VW\OHV IURP +RXVH WR 7HFKQR WR 7UDQFH ,WV HYHU\WKLQJ :KDWV \RXU RSLQLRQ DERXW ZKDW KDSSHQHG DW WKLV ZHHNV ('& PRYLH SUHPLHUH ZLWK .DVNDGHV EORFN party, does this behavior represent our music which is what the people are saying, or is it just a few possessed rotten apples with some serious inner demon problems non-related to the music. Of course not! In Europe we have been having this fight for a long time you know. We see so many amaz- LQJ HYHQWV DQG LWV DOZD\V WKLV VPDOO WKLQJ ZLWK GUXJV DQG WKH\ SRLQW DW LW ,WV VRPHWKLQJ VLOO\ %XW , WKLQN WKH media, they always want something to write about and WKDWV ZKDW WKH\ GR WKH\ PDNH WKH VPDOOHU VWXII YHU\ ELJ ,W FHUWDLQO\ GRHVQW UHSUHVHQW WKH (OHFWURQLF VFHQH With Kaskade finding himself under some hot water for the block party in Hollywood, do you think you would every try doing a free block party of your own? , GRQW NQRZ LI , ZRXOG EH DEOH WR SXOO LQ D YHU\ ODUJH crowd, but it sounds nice to do stuff like that on the street. What equipment do you prefer to DJ with? ,P VWLOO D &' X What equipment do you produce your tracks with? 4EDVH $ ORW RI KDUGZDUH VWXII DQG VRIWZDUH ,WV EDVL FDOO\ 4EDVH ZKDW ,P ZRUNLQJ ZLWK ser.