Party Time Magazine Party Time Magazine Issue 14 HeavyGrinder - Page 50

Mainstream America sees the rave scene in a very negative way right now, for you to have been in the scene and now gone and done something with yourself, what words do you have for those who think nothing good comes out of the rave scene? I think, much like movies, the rave scene is a very magical place and when I think back I think there are people that put a negative light on our scene, but ulti- mately I think the scene is a good venue, a good place to meet people and friends and meet a lot of people who have the same interest as you and like the same PXVLF DV \RX DQG OLNH JRLQJ RXW ,WV D VDIH WR OLVWHQ WR your favorite music and be around good people, most RI WKH WLPH ,WV D VKDPH WKDW WKHUHV D QHJDWLYH OLJKW RQ WKH VFHQH , GRQW WKLQN WKH VFHQH VKRXOG EH RSSUHVVHG DQG KRQHVWO\ WKH ZD\ , ORRN DW LW LV EDFN LQ WKH V WKH\ were hating on the Hippy movement, they were hating on Woodstock, they were trying to shut all this type of stuff down and they were hating on Rock n Roll. And QRZ HYHU\ERG\V JHWWLQJ VFDUHG RI WKH VW\OH DQG EDQQHG (OHFWURQLF 'DQFH 0XVLF DQG OLNH 5RFN LWV JRQQD NHHS KDSSHQLQJ FDXVH LWV D PXVLFDO PRYHPHQW and every movement keeps going. Eventually, people ZLOO XQGHUVWDQG WKDW WKLV LVQW MXVW D SDUW\ LWV PXVLF What great words of advice can you give our read- ers that you wish someone would have given you early on in your career? Can I say whatever? Whatever you want. Have as much fun as you guys want to have. Always keep your goals and really decide where you want to JR LQ OLIH DQG JR IRU LW 7KHUHV QHYHU HQRXJK WLPH WR GR HYHU\WKLQJ ULJKW EXW WKHUHV DOZD\V WLPH WR GR LW DJDLQ Just know as long as you keep what you want to do in life in your mind, just go for it and keep going. And GRQW GR WRR PDQ\ GUXJV GDPQLW &UDFN LV EDG 7KDWV D JUHDW SLHFH RI DGYLFH :KHUH FDQ RXU UHDG ers follow you, any social media or website? If you want to follow the movie, you can look at the movie on FACEBOOK. Just type in MY PURE JOY and click on the movie page with the creepy mask or type in MY PURE JOY on YOUTUBE and check out some of the teaser trailers, mind you I think the second and third one are good. I really hate the first one so GRQW HYHQ ZDWFK WKDW RQH ,I \RX ZDQW WR IROORZ PH SHU sonally, you can follow me, and my ramblings on twitter @jamescullenb Thank you James for your time. On the behalf of New Rave and Party Time Magazine, we wish you the best of luck in your career, which we will be following closely. We look forward to seeing you at all your red carpet premiers. Estelita Guerra James Cullen Bressack