Party Time Magazine Party Time Magazine Issue 14 HeavyGrinder - Page 49

What can we expect from you in the future? I will be directing a new Horror movie called, BAD DEN- NIS, in England in a few months as well as a TOP SE- &5(7 352-(&7 WKDW , FDQW WDON DERXW $UH \RX UHDG\ IRU D OLWWOH JDPH ZH OLNH WR FDOO RII WKH ZDOO VSHHG URXQG" 6R WKHVH DUH WKH UXOHV RI the game. I will ask you a few random questions and you have to answer them with the first thing that comes to mind. :KDWV \RXU IDYRULWH VFDU\ PRYLH" Braindamage Favorite monster? Cantalope Are you afraid of the dark? No In a horror death match, which two movie characters would you pick to kill each other off? I want to see Chuckie vs. Jason. I just think that would be hilarious. +DYH \RX HYHU VDLG %ORRG\ 0DU\ [V LQ IURQW RI D mirror? <HV DQG ,YH DOVR VDLG &$1'< 0$1 [V LQ IURQW RI D PLUURU DQG EHHWOH MXLFH [V DQG QRWKLQJ KDSSHQHG , ZDV GLVDSSRLQWHG Do you have a favorite serial killer? ,G VD\ LQ PRYLHV P\ IDYRULWH VHULDO NLOOHU SUREDEO\ 'H[ WHU %XW LQ UHDO OLIH ,P UHDOO\ IDVFLQDWHG ZLWK -DFN WKH Ripper, the only serial killer that actually got away with everything. Other then the ZODIAC, Have you ever played with Ouija board? Yes I have. I was pretty mean when I was younger with a Ouija board. I would make it say things to trip people out. I would mess around and say like the ghost is gonna kill you tonight. Or give james two dol- lars. So nobody wanted to play with the Ouija board with me anymore. Did anything actually happen? 1R , GRQW NQRZ 0D\EH , ZDV SRVVHVVHG E\ VSLULWV WKDW ZDQWHG D GROODU DQG , GLGQW HYHQ NQRZ LW , KRSH ZH GLGQW VFDUH \RX WRR PXFK ZLWK WKRVH TXHV tions. Now lets get back to reality with 3 more ques- tions. which some of them have tracks secured in the film. You will be surprised to hear tracks from Von Ukuf and a couple of other artists that in this movie. Who are some of the artists that will be featured in upcoming films or in your current film? ,YH EHHQ WDONLQJ D ORW ZLWK 9RQ 8NXI DERXW SXWWLQJ some tracks in, as well as Omega and Datsik but nothing is concrete yet. DJ NARKOTIX makes a cameo in the film and VON UKUF AND DYLAN HOL- SHAUSEN have tracks already in the film. I do have to say that BOREGOR was in talks to actually be in this ILOP SOD\LQJ RQH RI WKH FKDUDFWHUV EXW LW GLGQW ZRUN RXW with his tour. So we may end up getting him again in the future as in acting, but only time will tell. What are some of the massive events you have at- tended in the past? I went to EDC, the Fresh events, ALMOST BETTER 7+$1 6(; 12&7851$/DQG WKH OLVW FRXOG JR RQ forever, you name It I went. I think NOCTURNAL and EDC were my two favorites as well as Winter Fresh was a lot of fun. Also Fresh anniversary when it was at the Shrine. That was probably my favorite event that I have been to. Do you think your movie soundtracks have been influenced by the rave scene? Can you talk a little more about that? Ya, a buddy of mine that was working with me in the rave scene, he has done the score for the film. All the actual tracks you hear at the party scene in the movie RU LQ WKH FDU RU RQ VRPHERG\V ODSWRS WKH\ DUH DOO DF tual tracks you guys have heard drop at raves. I know a ORW RI WKHVH GMV DQG WKH\UH JHWWLQJ WKHLU WUDFNV LQ WKH PRYLH '\OQD +ROVKDXVHQ IURP 6RXWK $IULFDV 3$5(1 7$/ ',6&5(7,21 WUDFN 9RQ 8NXIV 0(5&< WUDFN LV LQ WKH ILOP DV ZHOO DV D FRXSOH RWKHUV , FDQW UHDOO\ GLV cuss to much more yet tho. How do you go about choosing the music for your ILOPV DQG WKH DUWLVW WKDW \RXUH JRLQJ WR SXW LQ them? 7KH PXVLF LV PRUH RQ P\ EXGG\ -DUHWWV MRE WR GR WKH score and arranging the music. He helps me decide what fits within the scenes. Conveniently, I got to work ZLWK DQG NQRZ DUWLVWV OLNH 7KH &U\VWDO 0HWKRG DQG VON UKUF. We basically went through my itunes and SOD\HG WKH VRQJV WR VHH ZKDW ILWV ZKHUH DQG LI LW GLG ,G shoot them an email or text and ask if we can use it. What is your favorite style of music and dj from EDFN LQ WKH GD\" 0\ IDYRULWH GM DQG VW\OH RI PXVLF" ,P D ELJ +RXVH IDQ so I would say HOUSE and DUB STEP are my two favorite styles. Although, I do like a lot of ELECTRO. If , KDG WR QDPH P\ IDYRULWH SURGXFHUV ,G VD\ '$76,. VON UKUF, CRYSTAL METHOD, ATB, KASKADE, FERRY CORSTEN, CRAVER, OMEGA, MISTUR SKELETON, DYLAN HOLSHAUSEN, BORGORE and TOMBA.