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of goodwill and good faith and we got it done. We had a crew of about 5 or 6 people that were working on set everyday and we just kept on truckin. We were able to do little tricks with camera, different and different light- ing tricks, so you are not really aware of the lower EXGJHW RI WKH ILOP ZKLOH ZDWFKLQJ LW 6R LWV FRPH WR gether as a pretty enjoyable ride. Not to mention the amazing support from sir Jarret Cohen. Who have been some of your biggest influences in your career? My biggest influence altogether? The movie that made PH ZDQW WR EH D GLUHFWRU LV ZKHQ , VDZ .LOO %LOO LQ WKHD ters. I saw it and I was like, I want to be Quentin Tar- antino. I know a lot of people probably think that, but then I started watching a bunch more films, more so than I use to. Tarantino really influenced me. As did Frank Hennenlotter, Orson Wells, Robert Rodriguez, Alfred Hitchcock, Eli Roth, Tekashi Miike, and Chan Wook Park. I think is probably by far the most artistic DQG EHVW GLUHFWRU ,YH HYHU VHHQ +HV D .RUHDQ GLUHF tor. As well as Joon- KR %RQJ KHV DQRWKHU .RUHDQ director I love. I really love Korean Films. So anyways I started studying all these directors films, watching them over and over again and they really stuck with me. If you could remake a Horror movie, which one would you pick? +PP ,G SUREDEO\ ZDQW WRR UHPDNHWKLV LV D UHDOO\ good question. I just thought of like 500 movies, but at WKH VDPH WLPH , GRQW UHDOO\ OLNH UHPDNHV ,WV KDUG WR DQVZHU WKLV , GRQW EHOLHYH LQ UHPDNHV ,I , FRXOG UH make it and it would be as good as Frank Hennenlotter originally did it, I would want to make the movie Brain Damage, but I know that I would never be able to do the same thing he did with that film so if I was ever asked to remake it I would tell them to just give Frank funding for another film! That movie was perfect in every way. Being so accomplished already with creating and directing your own film, do you feel that you still have a long and tough road ahead of you? 2QO\ WLPH ZLOO WHOO , FDQW EH WKH MXGJH RI WKDW , NQRZ ,P DOUHDG\ JRQQD EH ZRUNLQJ RQ RWKHU SURMHFWV , KDYH FRQILUPHG EXW ZKR NQRZV +RQHVWO\ ,P MXVW WDNLQJ LW one step at a time and everything so far has been a blessing. :H NQRZ WKDW EDFN LQ WKH GD\ \RX ZHUH LQYROYHG in the rave scene. Can you tell us about that? I was working in the rave scene for about 2 years. Do- ing Bookings for djs, Throwing events, helping run a SKRWRJUDSK\ VLWH GMV SURPRWLQJ DQG VWXII ,W ZDV probably some of the most fun and insane years of my OLIH , KDG D ORW RI IXQ EXW DW WKH VDPH WLPH , GRQW WKLQN I could go to another EDM event again, just because KRZ PDQ\ ,YH EHHQ WR , ZHQW HYHU\ ZHHNHQG WZLFH D weekend for 2 years. I think? After going that many WLPHV IRU WKDW ORQJ IODVKLQJ OLJKWV DQG ORXG PXVLF LVQW as much fun. I worked with some amazing artists, ment and things to talk about, for whatever situation they need! Thankfully my Dad is alright now, he got a liver transplant and pulled through, but we still talk mov-ies! How did you get into making Horror movies? :HOO ,YH DOZD\V EHHQ D IDQ RI +RUURU PRYLHV EXW , also feel that A. Horror movies are a specific movie JHQUH WKDW UHDOO\ KDV D OR\DO IDQEDVH  % LWV WKH RQH genre in film that I feel that it can be anything can cre- ated Like Horror and Sci-Fi, if you want to have a crazy monster in it, you have a crazy monster in it and no- ERG\V JRQQD TXHVWLRQ LW 7KHUH LV D EULOOLDQW VXVSHQ sion of disbelief. In horror you can do anything and be DV JRUH\ DV \RX ZDQW WR EH 7KHUH DUH QR OLPLWV ,WV DOO in the genre. It pushes boundaries. My favorites were DOO EDFN LQ WKH V 8/75$ *25( +RUURU ILOPV 7KH\ SXVKHG ERXQGDULHV PRUH WKDQ DQ\WKLQJ 7KDWV ZKDW , kinda want to do. I think the best way for someone to remember you is to scare them. Will Horror be your main genre of film? , ZLOO HYHQWXDOO\ GLYH LQWR RWKHU PRYLHV WKDW DUHQW +RU URU %XW ,P DOUHDG\ LQ SUHSURGXFWLRQ IRU %$' '(11,6 ZKLFK ZH ZLOO EHJLQ ILOPLQJ LQ 6HSWHPEHU LQ WKH 8. ,OO most likely be producing a lot of Horror movies, or writ- ing or directing them as well. PSYKIK JUNKY PIC- TURES is going to start producing horror films soon as well. So no matter what, my name will always have something to do with horror even if I dive into other genres! How did you come up with the storyline for your latest movie? ,WV D ELW PRUH FRPSOLFDWHG WKDQ , FDQ H[DFWO\ SRLQW RXW to you, but it involved a nervous breakdown. I started writing this script and I was writing these characters and I got like 5 or 6 pages in and I was like, these char- DFWHUV DUH JHWWLQJ DQQR\LQJ DQG , GRQW ZDQW WR ZULWH DQ HQWLUH PRYLH DERXW WKHP , GLGQW HYHQ ZDQW WKHP WR EH LQ WKH PRYLH DQ\PRUH EXW , GLGQW ZDQW WR WKURZ RXW what I had already written. I was like, how do I get rid of all of them? So, I just killed them all off. I had all of them killed off and the best way to do that was to have them killed off by a killer. After that I decided to make the movie about the killer, the entire movie is about getting to know him. I decided I would make a movie where you get to know a killer. This is the other side of the slasher film. With the budget being about $12,000, how does this affect your production? Actually, we did a tally up of the actual cost and came up with $7,000 before post. So, it was actually lower than I thought. We are matching the original produc- WLRQ FRVWV RI 5REHUW 5RGULJXH] ILOP 0DULDFKL ZKLFK KH did for $7,000 before post-production. Being able to get it made, having such a low budget, has basically been a blessing. There was a bunch of help from a bunch of people that really believed it was going to do well, a lot