Party Time Magazine Party Time Magazine Issue 14 HeavyGrinder - Page 47

James Cullen Bressack James Cullen Bressack interviewed by Estelita Guerra Born and raised in Los Angeles, James was sur- rounded by film his entire life. His father was a three time Emmy award winning writer, and his mother was a voice actress, so all he knew was the industry. At the age of 4 James' father took him into the recording stu- dio of his new TV show. Im- mediately James walked around directing. From that moment on, he was obsessed with the world of film. Making a few short films and then moving forward to writing fea- tures. He sent out his first fea- ture screen play at the age of 18 and the film was immedi- ately funded. James was given the opportunity to direct his first horror movie. Argua- bly the youngest horror writer/ director to date, James is dedi- cated to his craft and loves it! He opened up Psykik Junky Pictures, a production com- pany that he hopes to use to make numerous films people will love! What was the name of the first TV show your father worked on that he took you to? ,W ZDVQW WKH ILUVW 79 VKRZ KH ZRUNHG RQ EXW WKH ILUVW one where I was actually on the set was called, &DSWDLQ 6LPLDQ DQG WKH 6SDFH 0RQNH\V DQG WKH DF tors that were in it were Malcolm McDowell, David Car- radine, David Warner among others. So my dad has me on the set of the recording, and I waltz right up to David Warner, mind you I had just turned 4 at the time, DQG SRLQW DW KLP DQG \HOO , FUHDWHG \RX (YHU\RQH started laughing but my dad told David I did in fact cre- ate his character! What was the name of your first feature screen- play? 7KH ILUVW VFUHHQSOD\ WKDW , HYHU ZURWH ZDV FDOOHG 'DZQ RI WKH 'LVDEOHG EXW , KDYHQW GRQH DQ\WKLQJ ZLWK LW although we are in talks about doing a rewrite on it so ZKR NQRZV ,W ZDV D VWRQHU FRPHG\ YHUVLRQ RI 'DZQ RI WKH 'HDG When did you create PSYKIK JUNKY PICTURES? Right before we started this movie. I came up with the idea from something when I was in the rave scene. My raver name was PSYKIK and I guess it just stuck! I liked the name enough to carry it out and name my company after it. When did you go into pro- GXFWLRQ IRU 0\ 3XUH -R\" Well, pre-production started IRU 0\ 3XUH -R\ DURXQG January and then we started filming in February. But I had been working on the screen- play since this past summer. Growing up in the LQGXVWU\ GLG \RX DOZD\V want to stay a part of it? Well, when I was little I al- ways knew I wanted to be part of the industry, but not always in this capacity, When I was very little I wanted to be a professional wrestler before that I wanted to be a cowboy so I combined the two! My alias was the SANDLED KID and my finishing move ZDV WKH GRXEOH GHDWK ORFN GHDWK JULS , ZDV REVHVVHG with the WWF. But eventually I started watching more films and the more films I watched, the more I started to get obsessed with those. Then, when I was about in the 5 th grade my dad got very sick and all we could do together was watch movies. He went into the hospital and after that we just watched movies everyday. I ZRXOG FRPH KRPH IURP VFKRRO DQG ZHG ZDWFK D PRYLH and talk about it. Eventually I realized that was what I wanted to do, make movies to give people entertain