Party Time Magazine Party Time Magazine Issue 14 HeavyGrinder - Page 37

Back in 1999, Party Time Magazine had a party at The Glass house called The Next Level with headliner DJ Lynnwood (Lynnwood interview in the next issue). Since that party, I had not stepped foot into that venue, so when I first got the flyer to GU3, it brought back some good memories. On August 5th, promoters Glowbal Media, WTF, HCLV, PWLY, Sidz Crea- tions, Speakerheadz & Spotlight Productions united forces for their 3rd. Glowbal Unity. The unity that these promoters created brought great vibes to this all ages event at the Glass House in Pomona, California. The YHQXH ZDV SHUIHFW WKH VRXQG ZDV EXPS¶Q WKH OLJKWV ZHUH VKLQLQJ WKH crowd was amazing, and the DJs had everyone dancing the night away. Written and photographed by R2D2