Party Time Magazine Party Time Magazine Issue 14 HeavyGrinder - Page 36

Amanda Rose Do you have a favorite game WR SOD\ \HW ,P pretty sure your now ready books on how to beat Vegas cause you ZRQW OHW 9HJDV beat you)? I don't gamble. If I do, it's for the free drinks. Tell us one thing that nobody knows about you that would make us go, WHAT? I GOT WORMS! Sour gummi worms! For long sets, there's al- most always a pack in my DJ bag. Those will be requested on future riders. DJs are known to rock parties with their beats, but scare crowds when they dance. Do you have two left feet, or can you dance circles around people? If my heels are comfortable, YES! I love to dance, but I don't shuffle. I'd probably pull out a piece of card- board and breakdance before I shuffle. 1RZ OHWV WDON DERXW DGGLFWLRQV Seems like you have a few, one we all now is mu- sic, but tell us about your addiction to SW aka Shark Week? Lol, yes I'm guilty, there goes my cool points. Next TXHVWLRQ This question is for the guys out there, is Amanda Rose single or taken of the market? I always reply, "Married to the game." What are some words of advice for anyone wanting to follow in your footsteps? At this point, I'm still paving my own pathway. There were 3 P's in that sentence and I stick to 3 P's for suc- cess: Passion, Perseverance and Patience, don't leave home without them. Also, opportunities are golden, take advantage of them. Stay humble. Be KRQHVW :RUN KDUG 7KLQN GLIIHUHQW 'RQW IRUJHW WR KDYH )81 6PLOH EHKLQG WKDW '- ERRWK GXK WKDWV LP portant. And for those who really really want to "make it," sucks but it comes down to who you know, good timing and a bit of luck. I always say, "Create your own luck." And last, where is the best place for our readers to follow you (website, social media, etc...)? I'm a tweet-o-holic @djamandarose. Also bookmark that'll be my baby by late 2011. I'm adding a blog to it, to write about my ad- ventures in Vegas as well as inter- views with some great DJs, celeb- rities and movers & shakers. And if you want to see how I work on a team, check me out at that's my newest family that I'm happy to be a part of. Special thanks to everyone at Party Time Magazine for all the love they have showed me this past year! And special shout out to YOU, the listener, the dancer, the music lover. I do this for ya'll. Much love! Thanks Amanda for allowing us to catch up with you, from all of us at Party Time Magazine, we wishing you much success! -Jose Guerra