Party Time Magazine Party Time Magazine Issue 14 HeavyGrinder - Page 34

Amanda Rose Tell us about all the DJs and celebrities that you are running into in Vegas? This is probably my favorite part. Just about every- one comes here to play. All the people I mentioned looking up to in our previous interview, I've had opportunity to see live. Last Wednesday, I was in a DJ booth watching Afrojack do his thing. On a Wednesday! They have industry nights out here that are quite the treat. Only time I really like to go "out" out, not too busy and you can mingle with Since your last sit down with us, you have moved from Riverside, California, to Las Vegas. Talk DERXW KRW \RX¶UH RQ ILUH )LOO XV LQ RQ KRZ WKLQJV are going? I haven't melted in this desert sun and my head is still attached after being around all these crazy people. So, I guess I'm doing okay. I'm trying something new. I wanted a bigger challenge. So I moved to a bigger city. I've been told, "If you can make it in Vegas, you can make it anywhere." Chal-