Party Time Magazine Party Time Magazine Issue 14 HeavyGrinder - Page 33

Amanda Rose Interviewed by Jose Guerra I have been in the scene since 1993, and with the exception of a few DJs, I have not meet many that besides playing, were that focused on making them- selves the best that they can be. With that being said, now you know why I chose Amanda Rose, and no, I did not know her personally prior to her interview last year. A year ago, we interviewed DJ Amanda Rose for the comeback issue of Party Time Magazine. Being our comeback issue, it was really though trying to decide on what would be our Cover. The choices were to feature a DJ or a model on the cover. With those two options in hand, it was pretty simple, Feature a female DJ. With that decision being made, now we had to pick Which female DJ Would grace our cover. This is where social media came into play. I started following a hand full of female DJs that seemed to be playing at about the same amount of gigs, but one stood out from the rest. Amanda was posting positive things in Regards to her industry and her fellow DJs on a daily basis. I noticed this girl never had a bad or negative thing to say About anyone. Also noted was her interaction with her followers, always answering whatever they ask. And from her posts, I also realized that she was absolutely in love with her DJ profession. It seemed like she was always trying to OHDUQ PRUH DERXW '-LQJ business, marketing, and public relations by reading books and/or by asking questions to anyone that would reply back with the right answer.