Party Time Magazine Party Time Magazine Issue 14 HeavyGrinder - Page 23

Food Reviews For those under 21 trying to quench a thirst in Vegas, look no further than the Coca Cola Store . Visit the soda shop where you can purchase a vari- ety of sodas, floats, and Icees. Bring a few friends and sample a tray of sodas from around the world, 16 different flavors. You can even order soda from their fountain machine which stocks over 100 plus sodas and mixes. Sit at the retro style tables and enjoy the music videos on the TV screens above. +HUH IORDWV DUHQW MXVW PDGH ZLWK URRW EHHU 7U\ D float variety platter, vanilla ice cream in 8 different kinds of soda. My fav was the Fanta orange float. I was most surprised to find that the Fanta grape float was good as well. You can find a variety of merchandise from clothing to novelty items too. Get a souvenir and take a picture with the Coca Cola polar bear. For more information visit -Tricia Guerra