Party Time Magazine Party Time Magazine Issue 14 HeavyGrinder - Page 17

Skerrit Bwoy ,P KDQJLQJ DURXQG LQ D KRWHO OREE\ ZDLWLQJ WR LQWHUYLHZ 6KRZWHN DQG ORRN ZKRV FKHFNLQJ LQWR WKLV KRWHO WRR LWV 6NHUULW Bwoy of Major Lazer. This Bwoy is going nowhere without us having a quick chat! Hey there Skerrit Bwoy. /HWV IRUJHW DOO WKH questions that you are used to answer- LQJ /HWV VWDUW RII with one thing that nobody has asked you, but you wished someone had? What type of girls I like. So what type of girls do you like? The sexy ones. This question is for us ladies. Is Skerrit Bwoy taken or sin-gle? Hmm, it depends on how she looks, you NQRZ ZKDW ,P VD\LQJ ,OO EH ZKDWHYHU you want me to be. 1DK ,P WDNHQ This year you have played at some of the ZRUOGV PRVW amazing events. How does it feel to play at mega festivals com- pared to playing small venues? I love them all. I love small venues cause it is just so intimate and you can like cater to the needs of like eve- U\RQH HYHU\ LQGLYLGXDO /LNH VRPHRQH ZLOO VFUHDP RXW <R SOD\ WKDW RO VKLW DQG ,OO EH OLNH ,P JRQQD SOD\ WKDW RO VKLW IRU \RX GRJ , ORYH WKH IHVWLYDOV FDXVH WKHUHV OLNH VR PXFK HQHUJ\ ,I \RX JLYH PH HQHUJ\ ,P gonna give you back energy. Good answer, well I see you just checked into the KRWHO VR ,OO OHW \RX JR JHW UHDG\ IRU WKH IHVWLYDO \RX DUH RQ LQ MXVW D IHZ KRXUV /HWV ILQLVK WKLV interview another time, at another festival. 7KDQNV IRU \RXU WLPH 6NHUULW %ZR\ QRZ /HWV 3RQ 'L )ORRU -Sylvia Padro Interviewed by Sylvia Padro & Photographed by R2D2