Party Time Magazine Party Time Magazine Issue 14 HeavyGrinder - Page 16 know about the dangers of having a good time at a rave? Did they take the ecstasy voluntarily or was it SDVVHG WR WKHP ZLWKRXW WKHLU NQRZOHGJH" , GLGQW NQRZ these three young people but I asked myself the follow- ing questions to help me understand the mindset of \RXQJ SHRSOHV VHQVH RI UHVSRQVLELOLW\ :HUH 6DVKD Jesse, and Kyle bad kids? Were they stupid kids? Were they inexperienced party kids? Did they have GUXJ SUREOHPV" 'R WRGD\V \RXQJ SHRSOH XQGHUVWDQG the dangers of taking ecstasy and the responsibility of having a good time at an underground party rave? I interviewed several young people who frequent and promote raves. This is what they had to say about their sense of personal responsibility at raves: Michael 19: I know what my body and mind can handle when it comes to taking ecstasy, I take it when I want to or I choose not to take it. I started using ecstasy in the 11 th JUDGH , FDQ KDQGOH PLQHLW ORRNV OLNH WKH OLWWOH JLUO was too young to handle it and the two guys sounded like they were too weak to handle it. $PE\ ,G UDWKHU VPRNH D ERZO IXOO RI VRPH JRRG SXUSOH KD]H WKDQ WR WDNH WKDW HFVWDV\ VKLW , IHHO really bad about that little girl who died; she was still a EDE\ , FRXOGQW VHH SXWWLQJ P\ PRP WKURXJK WKDW SDLQ, KRSH P\ PRP XQGHUVWDQGV , ORYH P\ ZHHG QRW that ecstasy shit! I am a pothead! Fuck, wow she was only 16! Alex 20: Bitches like taking that X shit! Me and my friends like to take advantage of it! The dead girl was VWXSLG IRU WDNLQJ LW 7KH RWKHU WZR ODPHV MXVW FRXOGQW handle the X, fucken losers! Laura 22: It bothers me when they offer it to me, over and over again. I come to dance, to meet people, I ORYH WKH IUHHGRP , KDWH WKDW VWXII\ FOXE VFHQH, JR WR have fun! , IHHO EDG IRU WKHLU IDPLOLHV EXW WKDWV DERXW LW , KDWH EH ing sad! 5RE  <RX FDQW VWRS SHRSOH IURP KDYLQJ D JRRG time. You can have all the security you want yet I hide my shit (ecstasy) in my girlfriends g-sting or in her SXVV\ VHFXULW\ GRHVQW ORRN LQ WKHUH 0\ SDUHQWV WKLQN , am studying with friends, when I am at a rave. I love my parents but at times they can be so stupid. I feel bad IRU WKH OLWWOH JLUO ZKR GLHG LWV VDG EXW KHU SDUHQWV FRXOG EH DV GXPE DV P\ SDUHQWV DUH ZKR NQRZV Many other responders blamed the deaths on what they perceived as immature kids attracted to the party rave scene because of its trendiness, who then be- came victims because they lacked the experience and schooling from more knowledgeable rave participants. On the other hand, responders acknowledged an un- derlying trend of predators who stalk at raves to take advantage of young ladies high on ecstasy, crystal meth, alcohol, or other drugs. Other responders noted that tolerance levels of drug use differ from person to SHUVRQ DQG PDQ\ \RXWK GRQW NQRZ WKH VLJQV RI RYHU dosing from alcohol, ecstasy or crystal meth. Others mentioned that the tailgating atmosphere could also be at fault because it allows easy access to buying and VHOOLQJ GUXJV RXWVLGH WKH UDYH LQ WKH YHQXHV SDUNLQJ lot. 7KH UHVSRQVHV IURP WKHVH \RXQJ SHRSOH GLGQW VKRFN or scare me, they simply reinforced that trends in the party scene come and go. Access to drugs and alcohol will always continue. Unfortunately there is a lack of down to earth outreach and awareness from caring adults on the dangers of experimenting with drugs and alcohol in the rave setting. Outreach such as what to look out for if a friend is showing signs of an overdose; the legal responsibility of friends letting friends take drugs to experience the lights and sounds of the rave; DQG WKH ODFN RI UHVSRQVLELOLW\ IRU RQHV SHUVRQDO VDIHW\ 6R ZKR ZDV UHVSRQVLEOH EDFN WKHQ DQG ZKRV UHVSRQVL ble now? Here at Party Time Magazine we are working hard to raise awareness of the responsibility of people who participate in the rave scene any other music/dance scene that involves young people. We praise the ones who designate themselves to remain sober; we ac- knowledge those who look out for others well being and safety. We are not here to throw rocks at anyone, we are to inform and to work hard to prevent young people from dying at venues where they are suppose to be cele- brating freedom and life! *On a personal note I lost a good friend to drinking and GULYLQJ KH ZDV D '- DQG KH ORYHG KLV &RURQDV ,WV been almost 15 years that he has been gone and his GHDWK VWLOO IXFNV ZLWK PH XQWLO WKLV GD\ VR , FDQ LPDJ ine how his family is still coping with their loss. -Manny Velasquez