Party Time Magazine Party Time Magazine Issue 14 HeavyGrinder - Page 15

:KRV 5HVSRQVLEOH coronas, and later on NOZ! +RXVH SDUW\ UXOH QXPEHU WZR ZDV DOO DERXW UHVSHFW 7KH JRDO ZDV WR SURPRWH WKH PLQGVHW WKDW \RX FDPH KHUH WR GDQFH DQG SDUW\ EXW QRW WR ILJKW 3DUWLHUV ZHUH H[SHFWHG WR UHVSHFW WKH KRPH DQG LWV SURSHUW\ 3OHDVH GRQW VWHS RQ P\ PRPV SODQWV RU SHH RQ WKHP :H DOO enjoyed watching our friends get shit faced and try to SLFN XS RQ VRPHERG\ HOVHV ER\IULHQG RU JLUOIULHQG RU JLYH WKHLU GUXQNHQ RSLQLRQ DERXW VRPHERG\ HOVHV EXVL ness. 99% of people honored the respect rule because they wanted to have a good time, but there was also that 1% responsible for giving house parties a bad name. The homies and homegirls, gangsters, and NQXFNOH KHDGV ZLWK VRPHWKLQJ WR SURYH ZKR FRXOGQW handle their liquor and started mad dogging, being jealous, and acting immature even- tually led to someone starting shit. Pushing and shoving ensued followed by the ulti- mate sucker punch, then a battle royal fight would break out which could end in a busted lip, a cracked skull, a stabbing, shooting, drive-by or homicide. One solu- tion was to hire a crazy homie from the neighborhood who owned a shot- gun to act as security. Later on, house parties spon- sored by promoters employed licensed security guards to deal with the bad apples. Eventually complaining neighbors, the police, and the media helped to kill the house party scene. :KRV UHVSRQVLEOH ZKHQ SHRSOH OHDYH IURP KRXVH parties and underground raves under the influence or DOO IXFNHG XS" :H DOO NQRZ WKDW GULQNLQJ DQG GULYLQJ can kill innocent people, yet we still let friends and fam- ily members drive off drunk and high from house par- WLHV :KRV UHVSRQVLEOH" I wonder how the parents, family members and friends of Sasha, Jesse, and Kyle are coping with the loss of their loved ones. Are they asking themselves ZKRV DW IDXOW" :KR GR ZH EODPH" 'LG WKH SDUHQWV fail? Were they aware of what their own kids were into? What about their friends? Did these young people Written by Manny Velasquez The recent ecstasy overdose deaths at underground raves of 16 year old Sasha Rodriquez, Jesse Morales, 22, and Kyle Raymond, 22, along with hundreds who sought medical attention, have raised a red flag and VSRWOLJKWHG UDYH SDUW\ FXOWXUH LQ WKH PHGLD :KRV WR blame for these deaths? The promoters, the artists performing, or the dealers despite the presence of in- creased security personnel checking ravers? Or is it VHOILVK SDUW\ SHRSOH ZKR MXVW GRQW JLYH D IXFN" I remember back in the days when house parties were happening everywhere and alcohol, cocaine, and marijuana were the common drugs. House parties were a rite of passage for many of us. This was our first dance, where we met our first boyfriend or girlfriend and got drunk and wasted for the first time! Most people attended house parties to celebrate VRPHRQHV ELUWKGD\ RU because they were part of a party crew, DJ promotions, or be- cause promoters look- ing to make money handed out flyers at local high schools NQRZLQJ WKDW LWV KX man nature that any- thing perceived as underground is going to attract youth looking for new experiences. Youth culture is a right and a privilege that all youth need to experience either through music, art, spoken word, dance, coming of age events or just chilling and absorbing life. I em- brace anything that is a life learning experience for young people, but experiencing youth culture also comes with responsibilities and consequences. There were unwritten house party rules that youth embraced to have a good time and avoid trouble. Sell- ing alcohol to underage drinkers was a no no, but at the same time it was a rule that was constantly broken because nobody checked for ID. Selling or bringing your own beer in glass bottles became a big problem because glass bottles could be broken and used as weapons. Kegs replaced bottles and alcohol was in- VWHDG VHUYHG LQ SODVWLF FXSV <RX FDQW JHW VWDEEHG with a Styrofoam cup! Party fliers encouraged drinking alcohol by featuring advertising of tequila shots, dollar